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Nesian Mystik

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Nesian Mystik - Let Me In

[Verse 1]
[Te Awanui:]
So if you gave me a chance
Would you let me through your self conscience
Get to know everything about
Lady my hearts compelled to say I want
These games of mental stress
Only giving me the stress of this
Emotional insecurity, hearts blinded by the pursue of thee
So whats going on, can you tell me
A fear of something new past concerns entrenched within you
Or straight up no attraction in the situation acted

Open up and let me in (let me in)
You gotta open up and let me in
You gotta open up and let me know
Coz I know that you're not sure
You gotta open up and let me in (let me in )
You gotta open up let me know whats up
And tell me what you're thinking
You gotta open up and let me know
Coz I know that your not sure

[Verse 2:]
Now all I gotta say is that I had enough beating bush
If you were to hook up you know I would
So never to hold you feeling alone emotion to flow
Coz all I wanna do is hold you close
So release the ghost, you the one that I need the most
Hold up shortie don't rock the boat, coz you are da bomb baby
Baby I need to know, right say you wanna be with me
But listen carefully, I don't wanna be somebody
That you can call on when you please
I wanna be somebody that you really need
I've done all I can do for you and me
You never opened up, so I guess this is meant to be
Only if we could work things out
Then maybe you and I getting wild doing it right
You can't tell me who to be, this is how I've been
If you wanna be with me, you gotta change for me
I want security, Not an independent woman always stressing me
This is how it will be
I ain't never been a player and I wanna settle down,
So all I wanna know is if you're gonna stick around




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