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Nexx Chapter

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Nexx Chapter - Fall For Your Type (Part 2)

[Verse 1: Gabi]
Older now, knowin' shit I didn't
I'm colder now, it's only got me winnin'
Not so sober uhh... like I said I'm winnin'
Girl it's October now, and you gon' fall admit it
I know... I'm supposed to love you back because
You've shown your colors and convincingly you act in love
Thus, you win a title, now you actin' up
You seemed so chill before, not jealous and so down
But now domesticated, is how you like your men
Once you see 'em catchin' feelings
You set those rules only you can bend
Like any other that I bet on...
Casino bitches how you let us win enough
To forget that we were lead on

[Hook: T]
Every moment that I see you
I never knew what it would take
To have you right where I need you
I promise baby this ain't fate
But it feels like... like the first time
I think I'm ready to fall, to fall, to fall
For your type (Oohh Oh)
I just can't explain this shit at all

[Verse 2: T]
You say you don't deserve me
I think we don't deserve each other
But I can't let my doubts decide,
Before you go and love another
So let me hold you tight
Somehow it feels right
I promise that I've grown enough
To play these same old games


[Verse 3:]
Several years, different girls, ultimately different situations brought me pain... man these bitches all the same
I've given up, then considered luck
Done it all again and only cause I cherish love
Fed up, you see I've changed now
Or maybe I'm just Johnny Deppin 'til a wifey retire me and I can be myself
Words I told my ex, but words don't mean a thing
To prove a point, it's sad, but you gotta just up and leave forever
Know it sounds crazy but, trust me she gon' learn because she ain't never dealt with that
And don't trip, she was clearly undeservin' of your love
Then get your head right
And you gon' miss her, it is natural, but for the first time would you follow your mind?
Instead of your heart, if you fuck with the type...
That drive you crazy, are high maintenance, with a heart of ice
I laugh 'em off... just some pawns in my chess game
Baby I got you right where I want you, like the left brain (I'm ready)


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