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Pigeon John - Alone... текст песни

Here I go again
Drifting from home
And I'm all alone
Driving on the ten
Freeway late at night (yes)
Going towards the shore
But what the hell for
Cause all we're gonna do is fight

I'm pretending what I feel
Trapped inside
Was not real
And tell me all I need to know
Yet it blows away
And I'm all a...

And here I am
Standing at your door
Just like before
Cause it's all a game
They named us as pons
And we're pros at this
That's when we kiss
And loss what was gone
Gasping for air (yes)
Search for ground (ground)
Seeking my sound for sound
But there's nothing there


And I'm all alone

I'm sorry now (yes)
What was I to do (uh oh)
I'm way past bloom
Makes me wonder how
Could I see so deep
Drowning in my tears
Can't even see my peers
I think I'll go to sleep

[Chorus x3]

My son
My dear son
My son
Come home
Come home
My dear son
Come home
Come home

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