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Pigeon John - Draw Me текст песни

[Verse 1]
You're just a mirror in my life
And I'm embarassed to look, cause I'm not living right
And I'm not living wrong, just kind of in the middle
I'm caught up in my own self, man made riddle
And I wanna live the life
But I'm just a shadow in the light
Hide in the trenches in the midst of a fight
Like a little boy scared
A little boy ill prepared
Raised by women and left in the lion's lair
And the hair stands on my back
Cause I know exactly what I lack
And the pack draws near to its prey
You seem far away, like the sun
Deciding not to come out today

[Chorus x2]
Call me closer to you, ooh draw me closer today
You seem so far away (far away) God will be along today

[Verse 2]
I've seen the movies and read books about you
But I still feel alone and often doubt you
Cause people die young, most got cut short
Girls molested before the first book report
I saw my first porn magazine when I was eight
Contorted my view of women, before my first date
And into every state, every country of late
No matter where you go, we all chase the same fate
Slated from failure, plated for jail
Hell is waiting, ride inside
Seven-Eleven to trail yeah
Home, I need a real home to rest
Cause I'm sick of slipping in the darkness

[Chorus x2]

Getting closer to God, in a tight situation

[Verse 3]
Todays of new
But my habits draw me to walk away from you
And it's so dang hard, all these girls
And all these cars, all these bars, and all these stars
And we all caught up
And I was brought up to be harder than that
I was brought up to not fall for the same trap
And I wanna live realer than death
Realer than the first man that received your breath
Draw me close Lord

Everyday I rise
And I wait to see
Your hand guiding me
Why do I make it so hard?

[Chorus x2]

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