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Pigeon John - Fox Hills Mallmacks текст песни

[PJ:] Sup girl?
[PJ:] What's your name?
[Girl:] Hi, my name is Harmony
[PJ:] True
[Girl:] I'm from Venice, California
[PJ:] I like that
[Girl:] And I'm representing Fairfax High School
[PJ:] What?
[Girl:] Melrose

It's like, uh, what's up girl?
I'm ? baby, it's a whole different world
Like, sssssssss...uh
You've never seen
Dirty clothes but the caddy real clean like
Mmmmmmm...some dishes
I'm so hungry, you look delicious
Rocked in your Chucks and your Big E Levis
Label says big size
I like your little turtle-neck too (True)
TJ-Max right? Hmm, do what you do
You lookin' like you seen money before
And your used to these dudes openin' the door (True)
Hmm, yep that's what I thought
You the Red Ridin' Hood and you wanna get caught
Speak, or forever hold your peace
Alone, I'm PJ, put your digits in the phone

[Chorus: x3]
(c'mon) Just want it
(c'mon) Just do it
(c'mon) Just believe me and then prove it


What's up girl?
You drinkin' too much
You better ?
What you lookin' at?
Forget them dudes
They buffed up cause they do not got attitude
Like me, I'm too O.G.
Raised up in the streets to redefine free
Hey, them other dudes is weird
You can see they insecure from way over here
Fresh out of Foot Locker
Lookin' like some athletes
They the real geeks, believe it!
Been off the Varsity team, yo fo' real
Still dressin' like they on a football field
Yes yes y'all, okay back to you
About to get some coffee, should I make it two?
Girl you better say yes
Especially if you wanna roll Rock Seven instead of Guess
Like it's '88, I just got a deal
I'm about to flip the whole dang plate (for real)
Plus you look like Gidget
The only thing missin' is your digit

[Chorus: x3]
(c'mon) Just want it
(c'mon) Just do it
(c'mon) Just believe me and then prove it

You drinkin' too much
You better ?

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