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Pigeon John - Sealed Fate текст песни

Uh, I've only lived life grippin' tight on a thin rope
Went from girl-to-girlfriend in order to cope
But it, didn't fill the need
Cause I'm still in need
And I'm filled with greed to proceed, indeed
But if I don't understand where I've been, uh (I've been)
I'mma take the very same road to sin, uh (Same road to sin)
Same girl, different fate is worth a grin, uh (It's worth a grin)
A standstill 'til I learn how to win
So I'm switching up the whole scene
Castin' away all the old thoughts and old things
And let it shine bright
A city on the hill, beamin', and it feels right
And let the river flow, gleamin' even when it's light
And got my goons 24/7 ready to fight
And gather all my fruits, only when it's ripe
Cause serious, it's been takin' my whole life
And I've been dicing it to pieces with my very own knife like

[Chorus x2:]
I know it's about time to make and get real
It's non-existent like a record deal
I need a story just before I bail
I'll get it now, before my fate gets sealed

(I know why)
I keep seeing my friends lose it
"Life or death, the choice is yours, choose it"
Is what I've been hearing ever since the 9th grade
But the light was kinda hot, so I kicked it in the shade
And I drunk some lemonade, while the other kids played
And I slowly recognized all the progress they made
Then I looked to myself and I realized I was pale
At the end of the class, they passed and I failed (and I)
Sometimes I feel I'm still there
Underneath the same tree trap, thinking I'm free and
Every morning I wake up to handcuffs
But it's cool in the shade and I don't wanna wake up
And I know if I stop out in the light I'll awake
And see things differently, and have to shape
All the dross and the alloy off
Which will make me, shape me, into exactly what God made me to be!

[Chorus x2]

So I step out, let out a shout, and do time
But my rhyme only reflects me and defines
Where I'm at so I only incline and rewind
To my past to notice my mistakes and recline
And things stand up, now we get it right
Cause my life is but a quick blink in a short night
But I'm chillin' now (chillin' now)
Not gonna wonder how (wonder how)
My life is gonna change
Cause I'll just let it re-arrange like this!

[Chorus x2]

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