Pimp Daddy Pimp'n Ain't E-Z текст песни, слова песни Pimp'n Ain't E-Z Pimp Daddy & B.G., Big Tymers

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Pimp Daddy - Pimp'n Ain't E-Z текст песни

feat. B.G., Big Tymers

Wusup Nigga, Fa'sho
Wusup Pimp, Rest In Peace Nigga
We should have whipped that hoe Kim
From Saint Claude To Erata

Pimpin' ain't easy got to keep these hoes
From talkin' back, hoe I'm yo daddy respect the dog ass or
Get slapped, don't let yo bitch violate once
She gonna try again, and that's when you be up in
That stank hoe shit, got to teach her a lesson
Girl don't you ever try me, stay in line cuz
You gonna mind some muthafuckin'' body
Nigga I'm a young gangsta, got these hoes under my belt
Fifthteen, got pimpin' trophies on my fuckin' shelf
My nigga Pimp, had all his hoes in check
My nigga Pimp, hoes never disrespect
Baby, gave me the game about this stank bitches
He said these hoes ain't right, they'll get you left in ditches
That's why I keep my strap, cuz them hoes will cross you up
Tell a nigga somethin', you ain't safe and have a nigga stuck
That's why I keep hollow points to bust yo head nigga
I left loose shot's, bloody red from yo head nigga
Took me behind the coke, comin' get me
My nigga Mark and Clarence comin' in that water with me
With them chopper's to leave yo mutherfuckin' ass greasy
For this B.G. pimpin' ain't easy

[Chorus: Baby]

Pimp'n Ain't E-Z
But it got to be done
Pimp'n Ain't E-Z
But it's nesscary
Pimp'n Ain't E-Z
Got to beat these hoes up
Pimp'n Ain't E-Z
But it's nesscary

Nigga, I be hard on these hoes, cuz a bitch ain't shit
Every hoe I done fucked, done sucked my dick
(These hoes like Mosquitoes, suckin' dick and lickin' nut's)
To ridin' truck's on Baud's and Astro's
With elbow's but baller's ride Contero
My gold's be on shine, cuz I think I'm the shit
I keep my diamond's on shine, just to blind a bitch
I keep my gold platted AK for the phone
Just incase a chump make me pop the trunk
I keep my gat to protect and serve
Cuz on the down low, I'm still sellin' bird's
(Nigga done told me)
For twenty two five, an ki for eleven five
Nigga you can get served with a fifhty five
Money is a habit I got's to have it
(Gimmie that, gimmie that)
Every chance I get I'm straight just taxin' it
(Headed to the Ramp)
Vamp still waitin' on me, Tec on his way
We bout to get blowed hommie
I got to break these ki's down to quarter ki's and
Let Vamp put 'em all in that one three
Big Roe, Tee-Dog, and Joe Casey
I got to let all my hommies get on that fee and
Ride Astro's, Lexus with Trues and Bauds


[Mannie Fresh]
Cash Money and the power hour after hour
Big pimpin' from the bed to the muthafuckin' shower
Fuck mo hoes then Tommy Hil made clothes
Come together like bitches, like Trues and Baud's
Like one, two, three, four
Mirror, mirror who's the gangsta nigga you know?
(You are)
The mirror replied, the gangsta nigga I know alive
I'm one of the greatest, fuck player hater's
If you name was Wille Blame, you couldn't fade us
If pimpin' hoes is wrong, I don't want to be right
So won't you shake that ass, roll that ass
Ride that ass for Pimp Daddy baby all night
All kind's of car's neighborhood superstar's
Fed by nigga's and loved by broads
Mannie Fresh a.k.a. Willis
(Willis Who)
Will these dick fit in yo mouth boo
Pimpin' ain't easy
(Fa'sho Nigga)

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