Pitbull Everybody Get Up текст песни, слова песни Everybody Get Up Pitbull & Pretty Ricky

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Pitbull - Everybody Get Up текст песни

feat. Pretty Ricky

What we 'bout to do right now,
We're 'bouta get wild.
We're 'bouta get lose.
We're 'bouta get CRUNK!

(Oh oh oh oh) It's that lil' chico pitbull reporting to you live. I got muh dawgs with me pretty ricky and the mavericks
(MIA) [x4]
We 'bouta show you how we get down. (RAH!)

We gona kill them in the club with this one (tear the club the f*ck up) [x4]
Them boys ride (them boys ride) [x3]
Everybody get up
Them boys ride (them boys ride) [x3]
Everybody get up.

It's P-I-T and I wan' err'body in tha club to get CRUNK-WIT-ME.
Go ahead, throw 'em up.
Represent you click,
Mami got a fat ass and titties
You already know if bull gon' hit it,
Money is a major issue
Ya'all don' get it.
You already know how I do it
Who I done it with,
I love these fools
They think they run shit
They could have their money long
Next week their money gone
If the deal's right then why's your money wrong
I wan' the whole club to say...
Catch me in the bar with a broad and coupla shots
Better act hard than you scar 'cause we hit 'em hard with a rounda shots
Not only do these boys rap
They're looking for a mutha fucking [?]
Half these boys, when they jump off, they be acting like some Homo's
It's quite simple
Let me tell you what we gon' do in tha club tonight.
We gon' tear it up! (tear it up)
Tear it up! (tear it up)
Tear it up! (tear it up)
C'mon let's ride (RAH!)

Whatchu know 'bout that
Baby-blu be ya old-skool man
Ask any of these haters in the back
I'm a mack ya'all-stay back!
Win fights like a loaded gat
Pin down like a base-ball bat
Drop off like a quarter-back
One down to go and I'm breaking the set
Everybody clicks 'cause it's automatic
My boys be roughin' stuff
We are... pretty ricky, ricky and the mavericks
We got that big dawg status
UH-HUH Break it from the car bitch


Pull up in the benz (benz)
You can bring you and your friends
Come here girl, do you like one-night stands
B*tch showed up in the [?] blue
So fresh in the blue-star shoes
(Mayne somebody stop this dude)
Girl stop fighting,
That would be so trifling
Sixteen with no lincense
But I'm still drivin'


305 in this thang
We gon' climb this thang
Super-stars, we in control.
The people go loud and the crowd goes (OOOHHH!)
Hold on...
Who know that filthy rich

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