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Pixie Lott - Paper Planes

I'm [?] in my heart out
Living almost nothing for myself
You're beggin my eye
Why do I feel your mind this somewhere else

Our love is delicate
Is battle [?] rings
But do we fight byt the silliest things
I hate [?] when we do so I keep the giving you
Over and over again

And we're flying on paper planes
Hoping it don't [?] on my parade
When I'm with you is strange
I'm making [?]
Hoping that the [?] change
Oh oh oh oh
Uh oh oh oh oh, uh oh oh oh oh uuh

It's danger when you fall out
I never [?] for I fun
It's too easy to fall out I push away the clouds the see the sun
[?] hiding the [?] si nothing compared to the joy you bring
It's [?] I try to swimming
And are you over my head


I'm scared to fall 'cause we're so high
It's a long way down from here
But if we're strong if we try
We can touch the sky


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