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Pj Morton - Lover текст песни

feat. Lil Wayne

Young Money

[Verse 1: PJ Morton]
This argument is just gonna keep going on and on
And at this point I don't even really care who's right or wrong
I just don't wanna fight anymore
Even [?] we are arguing for
And if you think this is the way to be
I'm sorry this ain't gonna work for me

And I know, I know that no-ones perfect
But what's the purpose if we can't even make it through a day
Without fighting
We can't even get along I would just rather let it go
Cause you should already know that

[Hook: x3]
I'm a lover, I'm a lover, I'm a lover, I'm a Lover
Not a fighter, not a fighter, not a fighter

[Verse 2: PJ Morton]
Don't even matter what you're seeing
Right now I just need some time so I can do some thinking
Will this be the end of me and you
Ohh, Ooh,
All I know is that I'm stressed out
Seems like you shot everything, I gave my best shot
Now it may be time for us to throw in the towel
Oh, Ooh



[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
It go, I got that gin in my system
Somebody gon' be my victim
Yeah, don't fight that love, just bare with me baby like a white n black cub
Girl, love is a must so don't put up a fuss
I'm hard as steel she wet, make it rust
What you know about it?
And I'm so body
And this thing in my pants, deserve a bull round it
Yeeah, and all we do
Is fuss and fuss and fuss
Don't start hunni
I put that... in it and make you walk funny
Yeah PJ, he's Young Money
New Orleans in this bitch, don't start nothing
Won't be nothing, let me see something
I'm a lover not a fighter but I beat that, beat that...
Yo Tunechi...



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