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Planet Asia - Freestyle Interlude текст песни

[Planet Asia]
The motherfucking +Grand Opening+, yknahmsayin?
This is Planet Asia, yknahmsayin?
I ain't playin this time
This is for my motherfuckin street peoples
All y'all spaced out motherfuckers, smokin.. bongs and shit
I don't know what the fuck y'all niggaz is doin, whatever
Yo, we off the block
This is block hip-hop, yknahmsayin?
Not that funny shit, yknahmsayin?

This is for my grimy niggaz
My twenty-five to life chance on a hustle
never hard to find me niggaz
Somebody need to sign me niggaz
But stop right there
Cause I'ma let you know you right behind me nigga
I don't chop game, I chop niggaz bitches who got fame
And chop off fingers for stealing
I bleed in your building, cause none of us believe that you killin
Not me, not your family, not even your children
And I swear to God, you better off gettin a job and settlin down

Yo, check it, yo, really doe
This is the motherfucking +Grand Opening+
Yo, peep this next shit though
Aiyyo, Fresno stand up!
I'm out this bitch man, fuck it

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