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Planet Asia - It's All Big текст песни

[Planet Asia]
It's a heater, Planet As', J. Web (Grand Opening)
We gon' take this one from the West, to the East
Knock this
To the East, to down South
It's all big
From the South, to overseas (put your radios up)
Yeah, c'mon

[Verse One]
Knock, knock (who's at the do'?)
It's P.A. baby with the Don and the Mo'
Now honor my flow, it's fifteen years in the makin
Now it's just sixteen beers in Jamaica
I'm the hip-hop Barry White with Hustler tales
Cause my voice makes honies wanna touch theyselves
Just give it to me girl, shake your booty ma
Make a nigga wanna turn you to a movie star
Jacuzzi in the car, I'm bout to lose it y'all
Who woulda thought your baby boy'd be a superstar?
And in the hood, all my peoples know I spit it hard
Two-thousand-and-what? Y'all cowards bout to get a bar
And mines is gritty, spent a lot of time in the city
Mindin, my business, grindin, I'm high-saditty find me
Now that's a military assignment
And if anybody told you I ain't the hottest then they lyin!

[Chorus: Planet Asia]
Thirty inch rims on the truck (it's all big)
Bottles poppin off in the club (it's all big)
Afterparty up in your crib (it's all big)
And people show you nothin but love (it's all big)
Next day, do it again (it's all big)
This time, you and your friends (it's all big)
No need to worry ma, you know we got ends (it's all big)
Stop frontin girl, just hop in the Benz (it's all big)

[Verse Two]
Verse two, aiyyo I'm R-A-W
E.S.T. the Acknickalous one, owwwww
The Greatest Man Alive!
I'm just stayin alive, by keepin y'all sayin I'm fly
Right, right? (TRUE!) Word bond man, really tho'
I never mess with silly hoes, just chicks with brains
"At your local college dorms," we sneak past the R.A.'s
Hit your dame, fast in a flash, quick to game
But Young As' got bars to tie
I'm tryin to get enough cash to buy the cars that fly
Airplanes with the bars inside
Thirty-thousand feet high squad deep spittin bars instead
PS2, X-Box, see my crew
Make suckers wanna be that cool
Lookin at us like we got food but kick rocks once the heaters move
But back to the song - miras move, c'mon


[verse Three]
Damn girl! Shake it then you go back it up
When God made you he gave the whole package
But don't trip - I was born to work it with no practice
No houses, no couches, no mattress
(Jayson you nasty!) That's what they tell me, but umm
Somehow they always end up at the telly, and umm
Somehow their good lookin friends start trailin
And inhale what's in the other room that they're smellin
Or trailin just because of what their homegirl was tellin
So, it's only right I keep it tight and take care of 'em
And, you can have 'em for the rest of your life
But I'm just tryin to have the rest of the night
Don't need no stress in my life
Don't need a person askin questions to fight
Speak not a word ma unless it's polite, 'fore I invest in a flight
Cause all I need is affection tonight
But when it's over it's the exit aight? Now let's ride


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