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Planet Asia - Place of Birth текст песни

(Nod your head to this shit)
[Rakim] "Planet" [Planet Asia] "Asia"
"Was my place of birth" [Rakim]
[Ghostface] "Dealin in my cypher, I revolve around science"
"Planet" "Asia"
"Was my place of birth"
"Dealin in my cypher, I revolve around science"
"Planet" "Asia"
"Was my place of birth"
"Dealin in my cypher, I revolve around science"
"Planet" "Asia"
"Was my place of birth"
[Planet Asia] "Planet Asia got the key to expand"
[Prodigy] "Set it off"

[Planet Asia]
Two hundred sheets complete
I keeps it street just to eat
Crushin fools when I bust over beats
On some independent unsigned shit
Mind untwined shit
Fuck your head up wit just one rhyme witt
A little bit of the pre-scripted
Just been inflicted wit
Imperial hip hop shit that I was gifted wit
I don't want no ice cream lovin, it's too cold for me
All in order like it's supposed to be
I only came to MC, you couldn't take nuttin from me
But niggas hate Sonny cuz he came to make money
Fuck that broke shit, we think ahead quick and talk slick
Oh it's a trip, when I'm on stage holdin my dick
It's for my click, and the whole 9-3-7-0-6
I'm never verse-less, the reason why I'm first draft pick
Electic, I rock strange to rearrange the stock exchange
For my pocket change, so cop this hot shit and check it out

[Chorus x3]
"Planet" "Asia"
"Was my place of birth"
"Dealin in my cypher I revolve around science"

"Planet" "Asia"
"Was my place of birth"
[Planet Asia] "I stand on earth as the Asian beneficant"

This shit's bangin, ain't it?

[Planet Asia]
Orangutan slang angles painted
Wit the brush and slang exhaust dust
Clean cut counter-clock flow, Scorpio
Throwin everything at you from ya kitchen sink to ya stereo
Round, merry go there we go now stay tuned
Now my platoon be shell-shockin shows like gunshot wounds
To the I-N-D-ustry
Due to lies and realms of the square
Hope you're prepared, I came to hold it down, trust me fo' sho'
Wit ill producto, mega mix licks
Scratches provided by Babu, beats made by Evidence
And I done come this far to start frontin
It's what you want to make you part something
Pull up politely and spark something
Never runnin out of ammunition
I'm swift and changeable
Half of these rappers just started rappin a couple of gold chains ago
But fuck that, I understood to over-stand more
What it takes to turn an MC into an entrapeaunor
It's dedication to the skill, to say what you feel
But the mass appeal be havin corny niggas searchin for deals
Like dispatch, but you know my game, I came to make the shit crack
Whether our be makin power moves to show and prove the shit's wack
Ay, how many times must I blow your spot wit no shine
I make niggas co-sign on how many different flows I got
(What you want man?) I want some sure-shot shit
Versatile when my profile splits
Gladiator slash scientist

[Chorus 3 x2/3]

[cut and scratched] Planet Asia" [x3]
"Was my place of birth"

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