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Planet Asia - Upside Down текст песни

feat. Goapele

[Planet Asia]
The meaning of this song is
Never take things on face value
The truth shall set you free, yknahmsayin?
Truth is the power to resurrect the mentally dead
from their state of unawareness
So on that note, for all my peoples in the U.S.A.
Check it out

[Chorus: Planet Asia (Goapele)]
(Up.. side.. down) Uh-huh that's right we gettin down
Guess who's comin to yo' town
I was lost but now I'm found (up.. down)
Now I'm bout to turn America upside down (upside dowwwwn)
(Up.. side.. down) Upside down
(And if you come down) Upside down, upside down
(Up, down, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh)

[Verse One: Planet Asia]
It's like the great {?} to who made the Egyptian scriptures
I'm spiritual cultivation the way my words entered your dome
No stoppin once the mission is known
You know the topic many prophets can't physically show 'em
And many different pedigrees sent from out the heavens to the chosen
So the struggle is maintain some integrity
And until it's over, I shall remain a soldier
Like Aztecs with aspects that they govern, it's on
Wanna live, you gotta eat from the tree
And reach the degree, the medicine for my peoples is history lost
And in religion, the mystery cost
Unofficially off brothers who be frosted mentally
Black man recognize the science of life
It's all you, right and exact, it's actual fact
It's all you, everything in existance
The sun the moon the stars the galaxy and every dimension
Fuck a pagan religion, let's look at the state of our livin
And I say it again for all my peoples layin in prison
Cause what's the cure if it don't change the condition?
If it's holy it's pure, undiluted in any form with no mixtures
Many claim a parable and scroll the scriptures
But what's the story if you never catch the whole adventure
And we want the facts right now
Or else we bout to turn America, upside down

[Chorus: + ad libs]

[Verse Two: Planet Asia]
Poisonous nights, street life, police lights
A whole nation of men women and kids that don't eat right
It's freedom or death, kingmanship or slaves to success
And why the fuck I owe the government net?
They're puttin holes in my check
While undercovers put the holes in our chest from
Every corner to block they got us posin for death some
Get out of this, but most don't even know what the knowledge is
Children payin tuition to these brainwashed colleges
Still in the same position they had us and still got us in
Look at where all the problems begin
Where the problem begins, is when you motherfuckers try to pretend
And try to act like you ain't really bout the dollars and cents
A scholar was sent, to shed some proper knowledge and gems
More than Pradas and Timbs, papi came to father his kin
I came to add another part to the trend
And add the sword to the devil's lapel
Cause me and him could never have resemblence
Simply cause his level is Hell, never I fail
Never will and never shall, forever real
'til my words, from now on, 'til I'm dirt
Forever with my five fingers put together puttin in work
I'm your black star power, the now or never shout of let's get free
Your scientist, the future of tomorrow has come
And we want some answers right now
Or else we bout to turn America, upside down

[Chorus: + ad libs]

[Planet Asia] w/ Goapele ad libbing
Uh-huh that's right we gettin down
Guess who's comin to yo' town
I was lost but now I'm found
And I'm bout to turn America, upside down
Upside down, upside down, upside down
Turn America upside down

[Goapele keeps ad libbing]

[Planet Asia]
Yeah, real people
All my real people walkin through life
Not takin things on face value, knahmsayin?

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