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Plastic Little - Crambodia текст песни

feat. Ghostface Killah

Gucci black banana boat, got bananarama blow
(Yeah what that mean?) That means I got a lot of coke
Patron with chicka pro, PackofRats, he's a pro
You was just a so and so, nigga, nobody know
Just a local zero, nobody's hero
No Body's Child please knock this nigga out
Rap niggas we hit 'em like we Kimbo
And they kinfolk, yo homey get so simple
Crambodia Romeo, it's a rodeo
Roll 'em up, these SoCo ass, seven hundred club like
Oh-e-oh-e-oh-e-oh-e-oh, ali-ali-ali-free
Plus we loving weed, can't seem to get enough of thee
P Little, we wear it well like El DeBarge
Yo, homey, you call those crews a squad?
Go home, go home, come back tomorrow when you got the dope hook-up, push it

[Jon Thousand:]
Niggas ain't fit it, no shame, the name shit it
It's J-O-N rain on 'em, or it's pimp, man, the same kid's
Sleeping in the club, I snuck in the back way
Took a nap, all you muthafuckas get the gas face
So grab the ashtray, I'm bout to celebrate
It's Saturday, and I'm not dead or celebate
On an elephant, holding my dick in quicksand
Man, that Crambodia, will grab a hold of you quick
And never let go, stomp your face like a death show
It's a different world, Dwayne Wayne's got the best blow
And dress clothes by Espo on the best for
Like Flight 93, yo let's roll, Spank Rock in the headphones
Coke and wet, yo wet and coke
I'll do it til I'm fifty and broke, for a 20 and smoke
It's plenty dope, anybody wanna know about it
Tell 'em ask bombadillo, he'll show him about it

[Amanda Blank:]
I'm the first lady up, acid wise and decks
Like Texas sex, ya'll muthafuckas think rock can't jive
And dress up fans, kick stands and fake tans
Bubblegum a little tongue, I put a strap on for my man
I'm alright, nor can I block on fake nails and fucking
How this bitch get the remix, which electronic's dick she sucking
One said don't know nothing, always bitching about something
Laugh my ass off to the bank, ya'll can keep on fronting
Thinking I don't know my place, like yo this little girl's bugging
Said she save her old face for Ghostface, his loving
I'm that chicken, I'm the shit, I'm getting too big for my britches
B-I-G-G-E-S-T, C-U-N-T of all the bitches
B-I-G-G-E-S-T, C-U-N-T of all the bitches
This pussy's powerful like whoa, I'm gon' wake up Tommy Lee
The way the metal has these strippers all over me
I roll with L-I-T-T-L-E Plastic
We writes classic rhymes for all the bad kids
And all the crazy ladies, for derelict men like Kool Ken
I fucking kick out my bed
No for real, son, get the fuck out my bed

This slang baby, come si dice, and make it look it easy
I'm breaking noise, popping PCPs, so roll the greasy
Roll us, scuff our tennis up, they flee the G's
From Philly, electronic babies they took over your city
Put it down, back and downtown, no one your LES
All off a booger suga mama, with a PackofRats
I raise a bar, push the highlight smoke
Then these art faggy niggas run up and got Ghost
Sucka nigga pop star, we just lick G
First to look freaky, sheek and skinny jeans
Seen reading magazine, push looking in
Never on it, the Brooklyn accents, authentic back shit, bitch

[No Body's Child:]
It's bulletproof round three, pull out my pee-pee
And pee-pee pon your front teeth
Offer you a sweet G and be about my business
These underground rap niggas sound so leaky
And I'm rapped ziplock, without the jock strap
That's balls to the wall, dog, drag race rap
Huh, you niggas doing laps
Like dogs in the park looking for a Scooby snack
Getting nowhere fast, so sick, oooh ooh sit
And be a good bitch, it's the fungus prince of wonderland
Dipping in a Brandywine man of more
Floating on my back blowing purple smoke
Looking way iller than your neighborhood crip again
Filling it, til ya papa and your mama got that feeling again
And we dancing on a ceiling
Crooklyn, up to buck it, niggas momma having fun in your house
While you out buying something for your kids to eat
We cat or Maury thugging these bitches and they sticking to my cock and pause it
Crooklyn, up to buck it, niggas momma having fun in your house
While you out buying something for your kids to eat
We cat or Maury thugging these bitches and they sticking to my cock and pause it

[Ghostface Killah:]
Yo, sit back and watch me gleam like OxyClean
Getting six sick bitches but the drop is mean
Draped in furs and lenin, hard denim, the God's winning
Looking fresh to death like John Lennon
The waves spinning, dark Gucci frames, cover my grill
Catch me in the tabloids, feeling sharp as a quill
My neck is heavy, my wrist got a mind of it's own
Take a look and get blinded by the size of this stone
Diamonds is flawless, son, I'm like the stars in orbit
Historic imported jewels, that's the reason I brought it
Black bubble beam, lay back and buckle in
Keep money stacks that overlap like double chins
I, guzzle gin, go back and double twins
Told her friends, that a late nigga's for a couple innings
This is Theodore, make no mistakes about it
We buy the bar out, even when the shit ain't crowded

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