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Playa Fly - Ghetto Eyes текст песни

[Fly talking]
Exactly ya South Sucka
Take to much ah this bullshit,
War wid ah motherfucka now
Exactly what I'm talkin' about
I'ma tell ya exactly what I'm sayin'
Whether ya like it or not,
South Sucka, South Sucka
(various words spoken at once)

[Verse 1]
My eyes are tired ah takin' pain so let's just rearrange
Any lil thing, that we can to help us make this change
Focus and aim on stakin' claim to some higher ground
They took ours from us dropped us in this hell hole
They found my ancestor mothers, brothers sisters left the motherland
By brutal force and by the choice of a Killa Klan
Nobody knows about this trouble that this brother's seen
My windows to life, are kinda foggy and they so unclean
What does it mean, when someone says they see a brighter day
All that I know is that it's not as dark as it was yesterday
Work wid no play, is what I dedicate my livin' too
So Kia and Ivan won't have to do the things that Fly would do
My daddy inspired, died tryna make me realise that freedom wasn't mine
And I must take it upon myself to rise and wizalk,
Through the line ah fire, to become purified
No matter how pure I still be stressed out wid my ghetto eyes, ghetto eyes

[Hook: x2]
I'm seein' more than the average human eyes can see
I live in darkness God please shine light on me
In poverty is where I sleep not closing these,
Ghetto eyes, ghetto eyes ah mine

[Verse 2]
My vision is blurred, my eyes are red and I can't stand round
I cannot be cured, cause your Visine won't get this redness out
I will not doubt, or even insult my intelligence
By placing this Devil made drop, off in my optic lens
My eyes were hurt, since my birth, and that was purposely
Done by the ones, who so afraid of this minority
My head held high, up towards the light every day and night
And once out ah sight, will start a fight and Playa end 'em right
My eyes are tight from the hype, so Flizy locin' up
And see more stuff, that sure enough to make Flizy erupt
Like a volcano or inferno that's got you terrified
Releasing havoc and the madness I have so deep inside
So beautified, to the others who feel the same way
But they'll rather hold it and don't show it until they dyin' day
Flizy gon' flex, so respect it and I won't be disguised
I can see clearly what you do, all wid my ghetto eyes

[Hook: x2]
The only scenery I see that's fascinating to Fly
The shinin' sun, moon, clouds and the stars in the sky
Some heavy heavenly medicated treat me for my,
Ghetto eyes, ghetto eyes, yeah yeah

[Verse 3]
A nigga was born torn in half, by his grandma and dad
One believed in culture and the other ones in Islamic grand
Two different ways which he saw but still he learned the law
And three times foul, than the others like some pure uncut raw
Not hee-haw, but still a wide eyed Southern boy
Choosing to do, things in life, that he just might enjoy
He made some mistakes, that were comin' where he was comin' from
Victim of circumstance takin' chances living on the run
He wasn't so dumb, cause he fulfilled responsibilities
Payed all his dues for what he done wid no humility
Lessons was learned, and he earned to be off in control
Collectin' toll, and placing caution in the way he rolled
As he grew older I believe he knew the game was gettin' colder
Put down his boulders and started to use the head upon his shoulders
Musical poems, of real life is where his heart lies
I know him best, cause I can see him with my ghetto eyes, yeah

[Hook: x2]
So many visions put incisions in my stizate ah mind
But Fly gon' take it like a man doin' time for crime
Get behind me, and Fly will lead the line
Using my ghetto eyes, ghetto eyes, yeah yeah

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