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Playa Fly - Havin' Thangs текст песни

feat. Gangsta Blac, ICK

[Verse 1: Playa Fly]
Must maintain some gravy cause the navy ain't the place for me
Uncle Sam don't give a damn, bout playas in the city street
Must I stack some paper?, Yes I must to make it in this world
Flizy plan on havin' thangs, cause that's something Fly deserve
Place and time is reserved, for the P-L-A-Y-A,
Mr.I-B-N stackin' ends on that paper chase
Searchin' for a shooting star,
Wonder where the hell you are,
Just reach out and touch me wid a lustin' on my T-L-R
Those who choose to stand afar it is the bar that you ain't down
My mind on me makin' dollars can't bother to act a clown
Bound to peel a cap for real,
If that's what it's comin' to,
Artificial anna I can't stand-ah but I'm buckin' fool
Take a golden Playa rule, break it cross the busta back
Gangstas lovin' bossin' tossin' crossin' Fly ain't diggin' that
Playa plan to rest my head surrounded by the livin' dead
But fore that man I'm havin' thangs till dyin' day Fly never scared

Playa been plannin' on havin' thangs
Gotta do what we gotta do, to maintain

[Verse 2: Gangsta Blac, (Playa Fly)]
Here we go so Michealangelo, plan on havin' thangs
Jump back in my abstract and relaxin' get ya bumpin man,
Nothing to it but to do it, give it a try you might succeed
If you don't your plan won't hit no shit so leave that shit to me,
Sit back in my back room thumpin' jumpin' like me Gangsta B
Michaelangelo up in this hoe so don't si-doe on me,
Ridin' in the Max and passin' dollars what's the word today
No reefer or reefer damn you left me wid the shitty bay
Expectations ain't so big, checkout some ah the things I did
On now I want my own home and some shit once Gangsta make it rich
Playa playa I won't plan it (Fly mean plannin'), Let's go get it
(Ain't no kissin' asses take the law, break it up and mend it)
Rip it like you used to Playa Fly, ain't a thang new,
What about the Gangsta is he down? (Bitch Fly though you knew),
Higher than the friendly skies, there's no way we shake a man
Playa Fly and Blac, on this track, plan on havin' thangs

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: ICK]
In playas it don't stop, till the last crew get drunk
Fools fallin', earl callin', but I-C-K still crunk
Standin' tall through it all, even though some envy me
Endz makes plenty friends, but also makes enemies
And jealousy, makes you broke and brings ah lotta bad luck
You wonder why I'm comin' up and you still, stayin' stuck
Cause I got playa in my veins, that keeps playa out the rain
G-O-D my strategy, that's how I be havin' thangs
And plenty game is what I spit, bustas you don't see me wit,
Even when I'm ridin' deep I watch the company I keep
And never sleep cause robbers creep, and commit, petty crimes,
Fool you need to work for yours, like I had to work for mines
Pennies plus nickles equals dimes cents and dimes, make a buck
Ain't no use in frontin' like a playa still won't pick 'em up,
Good, lookin' big, bucks is all I used to dream about
Now big screens is what you watch when enterin' a playas house
G-O-D keep blessin' me, but Satan keep stressin' me,
Real playas can't complain, cause real playas play the game

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4: Playa Fly]
On and by my lonesome Fly can prove it to a playa self
that Fly was born to rise and shine to everlast without some help
Rollin' wid my offspring and my guardian Allah sent to me,
Mastered all the rookie ropes wid excellence and expertise
So much more is yet to come, once before I chose to run,
Recognise my knot and now I'm farther than where Fly begun,
Comprehend the lesson, pimpin' blessin' in the making so
Stand with faith and always pray, or it will not come before,
Think of He in everything, Flizy has a fast with thee
Did my job so if you nod, Fly ain't who he chargin' G
When it's time for me to rip, granted with the scholarship
Nothing could be better like forever this is not a myth
Those who do not get a grip, those who sin and grip the beat,
Since you bought Fly pimpin' some attention I will ask to see,
Those who listen closely will be roastin' boastin' what they learnt,
If you plan on havin' thangs the stronger longer if to earn

[Chorus: repeats till fade w/variations]

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