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Playa Fly - Talkin' Cash текст песни

feat. Thaistick

Hooked up with the family
F-F-I nigga branded me
M to the 3rd nigga I deserve it
On top is where we plan to be
Campaign nigga, champagne nigga
Ain't no more sellin' cocaine nigga
Step to the left with some gangbang nigga
Fight to the right with some mo back nigga
Fetting or, kick this hoe up and off the end
If we 4, we gone pop it again
Like pimpin said it make you mad don't it, make you mad don't it
Talkin cash on it, talkin cash on it
Do you live by, feel my fuckin cool
Fake kind, don't you fake a move
Down with Flizy two damn fools
If I ever got the plug, gotta screw,
Money rule
Dirty game, paid them dues, suffered the pain
Name now nigga known as Thai (pronounced Ty),
Stay high above the friendly sky
South park way, Minnie Mae mafia
toppin ya, infrared glocking ya
so suckaz ain't no moppin us
hold my ground, keep my balance
and seeking knowledge, love a challenge
gotta tope, andidote
so playa told me to get it, ain't nothin
but cash, up in here being spit

Talking cash on it, talking cash on it
Don't we make you mad don't it, make you mad don't it [x3]

[Playa Fly]
Bill Chill and Muffin made me
But Minnie Mae the one who raised me
This life game ran me crazy
Back when fly was a baby
From stumbling blocks to hot spots
From pistol grips to glizocks
This stuff that fly been taking
Were already laid off tizop(top)
I started to raise this shiznop
Back when I was a youngster
In a bone and phonin funksta
Turned into a lyrical monsta
From here to over yonder
I know you nothings wonder
How I-B-N I bump chump
When you try to hold me under, I ponder
And learn from these ways I live
Live from these ways I learn
And make sure that Fly deserve
Every dollar that fly has earned
Burn the ones who can't take the heat
With no mercy from the weak
Challengers must meet defeat
Like cowboy battles and dusty streets
Quick as hell like dolja wells
Like the rock says "If you smell"
What the maff is cooking
Fly see you looking and you don't look so well
We both know you the one who fell
Taste the blame, taste the shame
Your face is filthy like dirty draws
Playa Fly's the one to blame
Until the sunsets in the game
I'll campaign and get me some
I'll take the cake, slice the cake, bite the cake
And offer you suckas none
Watch you lemons run like it aint a mile
From Tupelo trick to the dirty south
Got Thaistick up in this with Fly
Guess who I'm talking my cash aboutâ?¦

[Chorus: x3]

Thaistick lets roast the boy, lets toast the boy
Lets show that boy we aint no toys
With this up in here you can not play
With this F-F-I and Minnie Mae

Wit yo jealous ass, coming out the bag
Couldn't tell a nigga from a twelfth fag
You ran your mouth so nigga lend a ear
Thaistick and Fly here to make it clear

Talking bout me to a he she to he she
Talk to Thai, Thai talk to me
Now we talking cash about yall
Spell your name J-S-A-P

E-R won't get to far
Ran yo mouth about superstars
Half ass nigga hoe tried to rap
Thai talking cash on 24 bars

From the start you were full of flodge
Now its time for me to pull yo card
If ya hard enough the biggest
Yo gossip hit the boulevard

Always been the follower
Expect the moet's follow-up ???
Being here wit you is impossible
You loc the joke the gossiper

You need to back yo fat but up
Runnin over here with yo cup
Just because yo folks spend cash
That don't mean boy coun-try thug

Now nigga who dick creepin now
Wanna be fee when you're foe to fie
Falsify, it aint gon last
Yo mouth wrote a check that yo ass couldn't cash


[Stone Cold voice]

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