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Playa - I'll B 2 C U текст песни

I Heard You Moved Across The Town
Lately I 'aint Seen You Around
I Stopped At The Club Last Night
And Baby You Were No Where In Sight
Where Are You Ar Baby

I Called But The Line Was Busy
(Re-Dail And They Said You Were Busy)
Last Week When We Laid In My Bed
It's Still In My Head, Still In My Head

I Would Get On A Train
If I Hide To Ride It
Get On A Plane
If I Had To Fly It, Fly It
Get On The Bus
I'll B 2 C U
Give Me Your Trust
I Could Never Leave You Leave You

I Dreamed That We We Bonnie And Clyde
You Would Not Dare Leave From My Side
We Kicked It But The Fate Was Unseen
Man I Hope You're Somewhere Lookin' For Me, Ooh


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