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Playalitical - Good To Me текст песни

feat. Heavn

[Verse 1: Playalitical]
Let me start when I was mamas sprout
Crawlin up the halstead route
Chicago loop with toddler mouth
Absorbing what it was all about
Id poke ya toe if you bottomed out
Then wake you up and 8 ball ya snout
Put you out in pairs half nude
Truck stops 18 wheeler dudes
Had a fur coat that could scare a zoo
And a mouth piece that could marry 2
I carried tunes and started rappin
Was outta school or always absent
Got my label off with strip shacks
Mens clubs getin big stacks
Now I unwind and sit back
With al the tens you could shake a stick at.

[Chorus x2: Heavn]
You see the games been good to me
So I'm a make it good for you.

[Verse 2: Playalitical]
See I tried to keep a job in place
10 dollars an hour in office space
Gossip talk off clock on breaks
Cacky pants and coffe cakes
Man this ain't me I need lobster plates
Somebody better compensate me for the way that I rock on tapes
Playalitical Mr Minosha hey
My first time in a strip joint
A milf gave me some big points
Went to the ATM and seen 6 points
In her bank account I was conviced boy
She said it can go as quick as it comes
Every week six inches of 20s
These young bitches be spending it dumb
20 years they broker than nuns
But you a man that got direction
Get in the game and give directions
Most dudes get stuck on dick erection
But you over that you'll bring bigger checks in
So I jumped in and I started flexin
Got a weapon piece smith and Wesson
Started recruitin and givin lessons
To cute white black hues and Mexicans
2 thousand a week times 5
40 grand a month we ridin high
A year pass we all got cribs and cars
Some help from playa strippers to stars.

[Chorus x2: Heavn]
You see the games been good to me
So I'm a make it good for you.

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