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Playalitical - Try

[Verse 1:]
Wasn't all that bright, Nor brought up right
Forwarded the rights he had received order to fight
Boarded a flight, cornered soared thru the night
Sorted thru thoughts and storys he liked that he been thru
Sent thru flames needed something to vent thru
Gave to the world cause he had no one to give to
A tent view is all he got, it's not a lot
But the material pay is not what it's all about
To soilder 1592860
Just another number to sickos
Under the stencil now a central base slit throat
Thick rope around his neck is the simile
Out of check but not out of dignity
Pretened to be colder than he is so his enemies
Don't see his gift as weakness weeks is seeming like years
Next years only something he can see and that's only if he try.

And that's why we try
And that's why we try
That's why we try

[Verse 2:]
Dope was fun at first
Stunned at the flirt that it gave to her nerves
Then curves and obstacles seemed to get worse
Now there's no percs just junkies and jerks
Wasn't till the curse made surface,
That any purpose seemed to be worthless
1st the purse goes empty
And then there's purse or no person eventually
At least that's the worst version,
Of how the story goes On shows to see what Maury knows
About a program that won't burry her nose
Into blows and blow up so what though
She ain't down with it so it's time to upload
Wooing off crushed up stucko to get the fixing
Her baby boy pissin in the same clothes last week that he pissed in
She missing the days when he use to look and listen now he don't even try.

And that's why we try
And that's why we try
That's why we try

[Verse 3:]
48 months str8 and 16 days
Since he got his haircut in the gut he was raised
Made a pact with him self that burry the ways
He learned to burn and bruise and taketh away
Saved what he made now he made in the shade
With a maid and blade from his best crusade
Blue waves hit the back yard
He ain't gotta act hard he harder than that
That pipe got put down
Made a good round thru every single step that led to a mountain moved
Now intuitive without the use
Out to boost the life she once abused
A truce now trust is built back up to size
He waited so long now he loves the prize
She not on it but she could love the high it gave to her
But that ain't right for him and that's why she.

And that's why we try
And that's why we try
That's why we try

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