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Playaz Circle - Ghetto текст песни

feat. Cee-Lo & Sunni Patterson

I'm In The Ghetto
Tryin Grind Up Out It
An The Feeling Got Niggas
Killing An Dying About It
An My Only Concern Is Will It Be My Turn Today
An Baby It Just Might But It's Alright
We Still Chopping Through The Nite So Hold Tight
I See The Light An I Hope Tomorrow Ain't To Far Away

Waiting For Tomorrow

Watchin Ceiling Fans Go Round An Round
Sweat From Stress Looks Like Rain On The Ground
When I Exhale...
See The Pain In The Clouds
Pretty Much The Same As A Child The Pain I Mean.
Producking my environment was kane to me.
Producking my environment why you blaming me?
See, It Ain't No change In Me.
That Being The Dope Boy Was The Thang To Be.
An That's Chesha But Have Your Ma Ever Ask You For Money
An She BE Like I Pay Ya In 3Days An The Third Day
A Friday An You Don't See Til Bout Sunday
An She Sleep Alday On Monday,
U Be Like Ma Wheres My Money An She Be Like Boy Don't Bug Me.
We Stay In This Apartment.
Yur Dad Ain't Here I Don't Have A Job Yet.
If It Ain't ONe Thing It's About Chump Change.
I NeighborHood Sound Like A Motherfucking Gun Range.

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