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Playaz Circle - Yeah We Gettin' Rich текст песни

feat. Ludacris

[Playaz Circle:]
Yeah we gettin rich
Yeah we gettin rich
Yeah we gettin rich, I said
Yeah we gettin rich bitch my whole crew eating,
Yeah we gettin rich bitch my whole crew eating,

It's 24 you know my demeanor,
24 inches on the Beemer, my [? ]
Had a baby daddy sayin man hav you seen her,
And the nigga saying yeah she with the nigga with the beemer,
ATL finest, southside behind this,
My new nickname is your highness I'm the flyest,
I'm the brightest, I got the midest touch,
Anything I touch I can bundle up and double up,
Switch lanes calm as fuck,
I ride around with money like an armoured truck,
Wills Fargo, where's harbo [? ],
Color purple, move wieght like cargo,
And yeah I need cheese like nancho,
Asap pronto, this feeling is winning,
Cinco de meyo [? ], my connect just chilling,
But every other day I swear just like Christmas,
We got bags like Santa Claus, keys like Piano dawg,

When hard came out he came out muslim,
When gold came out man, he came out joockin,
The life we chose hoes, clothes, dope, doe,
That's all a nigga know, yep,

Yeah we getting rich bitch
My whole crew eating [x3]
Yeah we getting rich [x3]

Can't be fucking with you niggas while I'm dealing with these bricks,
That's the same shit that broke Michael Vick,
Shit happens, pick your best rapper in a battle,
Don't know enough,
Don't play with kids come back when you grown up,
Grown man shit, this is not Nickelodeon,
You wanna see a trick I can show you where I'm holdin em,
Trapper of the year the connect, call me,
Say the pack in the air I got the check on me,
You boys bin phoney talking bout what you holding,
Niggas bullshitting rapping boy, keep at least 2 on me,
Twin like fish in the suits saying who want em [? ]
Trying switch the page, today the coupes grey,
Tomorrow [? ], the next day it's orange,
While I'm sparring back and forth with a bitch that's foreign,
Taking off the glasses, smoking weed and laughing,
Time for some action, face in my lap bitch
Just like tit said,
I think about money I got chickens on my head and your bitch in my bed,


Disturbing the Peace,
How else can I explain it?
Young, black and famous,
I shit dollar bills, I get money out the anus,
I own 12 houses niggas still paying rent,
I took the may 5 stacks and I ain't seen the b... since,
Too much money, I don't know how to act with it,
So I ride around up in my 93 Ack with it,
Like it never happened, like I'm undercover,
Like women still licking my Dick when I was Chris Lova,
What da fuck, death to you haters,
I wear black everyday like I shop with Darth Vader,
Keep the Luke Skywalker force is the chopper,
Furry mink coat straight looking like Chewbacca,
You can't stop us, even if you tried,
Closet looking like some gaters just crawled in and died,
And we have gathered here today for the mula,
Rich niggas, dolla boy, tity boi, Luda,

[Chorus: Ludacris]

Playas Circle Nigga,
Flight 360 - The Takeoff

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