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Pleasure P

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Pleasure P - Feel The Rush

feat. Pretty Ricky

Say ladies
You got to
Feel the rush hey
Feel the rush hey

[Pleaure P:]
You're lyin' on the couch kissin' me from head to toe
You breathin' hard like your oxygen been cut low
I grab my bare dick and I'm my skin we feelin good
I'm lickin round your nipples dick harder than some wood
I started suckin on your bellybutton with some ice
Say ooo yea baby girl I know you're feelin nice
Say feel the rush, feel the rush, for lovin you and me
We feelin' good like we trippin' off that ecstacy
Say feel the rush feel the rush for lovin you and me
We feelin' good like we trippin' off that ecstacy

[Rapping: Pleasure]
You gotta feel the rush from off one touch
Give me one kiss got my dick standin' up
If you ain't wanna do it all night,
Ya outta luck
I wanna make love, have sex, and to fuck
And we can do it all night without the lights
And if it's tight don't worry I'll make it right
It's like we flowin' off the ecstacy high as a kite
And I don't eat pussy girl but tonight I might
I wanna hit you from the front and behind
We can do it anywhere, wherever on your mind
Just sit back and recline it's my time to shine
Make you cum first girl before I get mine
You needa let me know what's your fantasy
And I'll fulfill every need that you plan to seek
It's alright if I ain't your man to be
But I promise girl keep it between you and me

[Pleasure P:]
Say while we playin' tough I went to playin' with your clit
You scream my name
Say "Marcus please give me dick"
I don't wanna rush baby girl let's move it slow
We in that foreplay as we walk through the door
Ooo baby ooo baby ooo baby got me feelin' good
Say feel the rush, feel the rush, comin' from my wood

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