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Pleasure P - Sayin' My Name текст песни

feat. Rico Love

Yeah... right... yeah... Turn the lights on

[Verse 1:]
Hey mama I don't wanna play mama
I just wanna lay mama
Don't you wanna lay under my arms
And if ya say mama what I wanna hear mama
Then I promise that we can get gone
I'll show you what it's possed' to feel like when were makin love
And I'll make magic happen to you, whenever we touch

So when the music quiets down
Move slow to the door, and I'll be waiting for you
Patiently don't worry nomore... more

[Chorus: x2]
Cause if you leave it up to me
I'm a get you out of that dress tonight
You ain't gon have to complain
And you could say goodbye to your stress tonight
Cause you gon be sayin my name

[Verse 2:]
Stay mama
I know it's late mama
But cha lookin great mama
And ya body is turnin me on
Let's make a date mama
I'm a get cha straight mama
Ya don't even have to respond
Cause I know that you like the way I rub your body down
And we'll get more creative if it's only us around



[Music Break]


[Chorus: x3]

Ohhh... say goodbye [laughter]

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