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Plies - Shit Bag текст песни

Already told ya dawg, I'm a button ya ass
Nigga sizing me dawg, something I will not have
Swear to god on a stack of bibles, I'm off ya ass
Fuck around with me, you gone get that shit bag

Already done told you dog, Uma burn ya ass
Nigga sizing me dog, something I will not have
Swear to god on a stack of bibles, um off ya ass
Fuck around with me, and you gone get dat shit bag

[Verse 1:]
Woke up this mornin hired me a lawyer
Told him be ready to bail me out, when I call ya
Next bitch that play with me, I'm a off em
When I pull my fire, you can gone chalk em
Nigga do somethin to me, you crazy fuck
Ain't no fakin over here, I'm shootin yo ass up
Playin them gangsta games will get yo ass bust
Go and tell yo momma, Go and pick the church
I'll put that muthafuckin yoppa right in yo gut
Next time you see me in these streets, I'm on high alert
So go and come with that bullshit and leave bust
Betta make sure your ready before you pull a stunt


[Verse 2:]
Try me I bet I leave yo ass in a pamper
First bitch get outta line I'm makin an example
Thinkin bout tryin me, you better go an cancel
Kill one of you bitch niggas, that's my final answer
Have you pissin and shittin in the same bag nigga
Set yo ass on fire with this fo' nigga
Spec the room where I'm a leave yo ass stank nigga
And ain't leavin that house if I ain't got my pistol
Keep playin you gonna get yo muthafuckin issue
Fuckin with the wrong nigga get yo ass crippled
Come from under my shirt shoot straight missles
Make you a part of that shit bag family nigga


[Verse 3:]
I Ain't argugin and I ain't talkin shit out
Fuck talkin nigga let's gone shoot it out
You niggas playin like you is, this ain't what you bout
Being pussy I never have and never will
I ain't shooting to scare nigga I'm shootin to kill
Been bout that life nigga, I been trill
Tell you niggas straight up, Shit been real
You ain't ready to leave then you betta chill
You niggas talkin that shit, better know yo choppa skills
Cause yo muthafuckin brains will get spilled
Fuckin round with me will get yo cap peeled
Better play with somebody else if you wanna live


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