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Plp - Roommate текст песни

feat. Dem Get-A-Way Boyz

Awwwwwww aww aww aww yeah awwwwww aww aww aw

Let's add the bed subtract the clothes I caress your body slow, forget your man with me tonight girl just let your drama go, me and you you and you and me between the sheets I hit the spot and get you hot definition of a freak
(I WANNA) can I be yo room mate (Can you be my roommate)can I be your roommate (I wanna) can I be yo roommate.

(shawty glock) what's yo name Call me shawty wonderin (me and you) can randeyvoue and I'll take you to that wonderland pick a spot it'll jump off intel u get hot baby talk about you forget about me when we hit these sheets I'll find my pleasure in pleasin you I can be a all out freak for you baby let me pop my jeep for you
Take off you shoes take off yo shirt and come unzip this treat for you (I will show you) o o (I will show you) o oooooo I start the day off I took lil shawty on a date now a couple hours later and she callin me her roommate I got her legs spread open on the bed and she yankin on my hair man she bout to yank it out my hair

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