Poetic Hustla'z Day & Night текст песни, слова песни Day & Night Poetic Hustla'z & Layzie Bone

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Poetic Hustla'z - Day & Night текст песни

feat. Layzie Bone

[Chorus: Dominique]
You got me hustlin' day and night, oh baby

[Boogy Nikke]
You got me hustlin' day and night for your attention
Can you feel it, baby?
Reefer got me goin' in a zone
I need this shit like a clock need hands
Don't understand how the potency can have control of me
I gotta let loose soon, or I'm doomed because the hood is so good
When it come to a hustlin' a nigga stay on touch with this
I'm stalkin' while I'm walkin' countin' loot from the blazin'
'Cause there's plenty hit me up on my hitter
Because there's plenty baby (plenty baby)


[Tony Tone]
The way the system's set up you got to have your game tight
And that's the reason why a nigga like me stay on the low every night
'Cause everyday I gotta make my pay and every way to survive
I gotta stay high to keep my mind clear
From all this madness in this world, see this sadness
These Cleveland streets ain't nothin' nice
You gotta watch your back for niggas, bitches, po-po
And fights, but that's the life that I chose, and that's the way roll
I'm incognito, flippin' ends for Mo Mo, and that's day and night


It's all about the hustle from your birth
Gotta put in your work as you run this earth
Put your head to the sky even though it hurts
Whatever it's worth, gotta do your dirt then some (Mo, Mo, Mo)
And I run with dummy, man
With a ounce of rocks in my hand
I am what I am with a masterplan
'Til I got knocked on the block, pop pop to the Glock
While they had me on lock, had me schemin' of a plot
And I know they watchin' me, tryin' to get what I got
And I ain't got shit, but I went from movin' that yey to these tapes
And I'm gon' hustle and never break, #1 in this race, first place


[Mo! Hart]
I gotsta keep the food on my plate and clothes on my back
I ain't got nobody for the things that I lack
It's a sucka born in this world every minute
As long as they let me, I'm damn sure runnin' up in 'em
They work hard all day, and I'm up all night
My bills is half-way paid, and my ? needs to be tight
Never have to worry about where to lay my head from all them hoes
Ghetto love show big playas, always make sure my ride was legitmate
Never do I worry about my pockets being unfit
'Cause when I'm doin' my thangs, nigga, I'm lookin' swell
Just hope tomorrow, I don't end up in jail
You got me...


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