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Poetic Hustla'z - Searchin' 4 Peace текст песни

[Gentle caress of ocean waves]

Help us clean our souls
Help us clean our souls
Help us clean our souls
Dear Lord, can you help me?

[Boogy Nikke]
All praise to the Heavenly Father in Heaven
Ccause we searchin' for peace
Recreatin' my heart and cleansed my soul
And now it's time to roll, but the Lord done blessed me
And Mo Thug to see a lot of places, baby
Playa hation has stopped that plannin', now they prayin'
Dear Lord, before You blow Your horn
And open up Your door like Matthew's verse
? said You comin' in the scripture
Better be ready, boy
I'm ready to make a change within myself
And bow down to the playa haters
Shady ladies still be drivin' me crazy, baby
But I don't stress about this evil, dirty position
In my possession I want my wings to match my halo
While I'm steppin', baby - I step to the Lord with my tattooed tear
Because I repent, I'm searchin' for peace
I'm tired of the beast within (the beast within)


[Mo! Hart]
An angry child growin' up in this world of confusion
Tried not to give in to the ways of evil and disillusion
Daddy was a tyrant, still raisin' hell whenever hostile
Didn't have the right guidance, 'cause bro was always in the hospital
Anger clouds my mind in repeated repititions
When I lay down at night to close my eyes
I feel vicious ass-whippins
Commandments say ? honor thy Father
Each time I look around, somethin' seems to get that much harder
But just like my man Daniel, I can stand the test of time
But my mind does tend to wander away at times
But all the while, I stay strong, and I keep my faith
Try not to flip out when I got you hungry lions in my face
Steady schemin' on a way to come up off of me
Please, Lord, help me
Deliver me from this agony (this agony)

God grant serenity for the sins that's in a me
Keep me from hurt, harm, and danger, and be a friend to me
(The Lord is my shepherd - I shall not want
He makes me lie down in green pastures
He rests me beside the still waters
He restores my soul)

[Tony Tone]
I gotta save my soul, soul
I gotta save my soul
Turn to the Lord, 'cause times are bad
You know it's almost time to go
Searchin' for peace and I'm on my knees
God, please set me free
In Jesus' name, I don't want these sins within
You're my only friend, givin' us one life to live
And I give my all to You, but demons' schemin'
Thinkin' this Hustla's slippin', really got me trippin'
Listen, stay on my mission
That's my ticket to get to Heaven
Doin' wrong has got me stressin'
But I thank You for my blessings
Givin' me a chance to change my life and repent, but it's so hard
Just been in situations facin' the devil
Where's my God? I know give way when He come
These wicked streets just ain't no fun
We killin' each other with guns
Yet You gave Your one and only son
He died for us, 'cause peace is all we need
Better believe in Thee, and you will see that
He is what we need to rest in peace and live eternally

It's almost over, gotta repent and cleanse your soul
(Forget your troubles - searchin' for peace)
Dear Lord, can You help me?

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