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Poetic - Poetical Terror текст песни

[Intro: Poetic]
Once again someone has entered into the zone of danger

I'm try'nna chill with the feel of an ill
Cuz still such a thrill, what a skill of cold kill
All in the line wit the incline of rhyme
It's time to unwind, rupture and torture
The mind, I'm aggressive, affective with tested
Blessed with a method of poem perfected
First I'm a class, everlastin' so fast
And those raps on ya shoes, I abuse and blast 'em
See it's the serge of urge to mix words
But what I curve, is they see blurs
See anything less than nitro, I blow it
Back in ya face wit the grace of a poet
Think you handle an M.C. strangler
Not in a van or a car but a Wrangler jeep
Cuz I'm rollin', holdin' to my confinement
Composin' my hands, don't try to be foldin'
Catagorize my size for Santa lies
My poetry tip by flip, banana lies
Those who swear, they dare to compare-a
Poems, you better go home for Poetical Terror

[instrumental break]

As I enter the scene, my agenda it seems
As throw horrendous, the steam, it send you, Akeem
Mental awareness, strength and a flare wit
The gift of a lyrical swift, man hear this
A brief example to keep on a sample
Speak for people and heed like a candle
You see the light and precede to get hype
True indeed, I'mma write this mic
As I microphone style, sure, I'm wipe the grin
Off the dome of all chrome biters
And any boasters who get coaster
Ask me to take the mic from the hoister
I never did, so forget that brother
I slap a clip and I pack and stay cover
And hope it don't have to come to this
The rhyme in my mind like a nine in a grip
After you challenge my talents or wits
Will leave you unbalanced, silent and stiff
Wreck ya rep and eject my concept
What will you came and Poetic reflect, Poetical Terror

[Outro: Poetic]
So ladies and gentlemen, my name is Poetic
Behind me, is the Capital K
And on the side of him, is DJ Woody Wood
Yo this is what we gonna do
Enough of dissin' people
We gonna leave the rest of this jam for the audience
So ya'll can enjoy

[scratched to the end]
"Feel use to nobody"
"Do it properly"

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