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Point Blank - Born And Raised In The Ghetto текст песни

I was born & raised in the ghetto [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, Yo
Until it's my time to come
When it goes down and die young
With the good ones they call us thugs and hoodlums
Learn to believe, like the Qur'ans and Muslims
When it's war, we all ride the whole hood comes

[Verse 2:]
The sky slopes for niggas with high hopes
Politician hand in your pocket tryna buy votes
Staring down the barrel of a periscope
Got us screamin' in the megaphone, leave us alone
My niggas'll leave home, but they ain't leavin' the chrome
And you don't really want a piece so just leave it alone

[Verse 3:]
Still in the hood looking good
But these ghetto kids looking out
And they ain't learnin' shit about
The life has been about when your out there
And very scared ya with me, we in the inner city
P come and get me out the block
Before my raw toddlers rots and my tall toddler dots

I was born & raised in the ghetto [x4]

[Verse 4:]
Fiends stay on the jones
Cops stay working the beat
Young thugs walking the steet
Carrying heat, swearing and brawls
Cold hearted dots, reppin' Canada's first block
Regent Park, the ghetto

[Gun Shot]

[Verse 5:]
Another shot rang out
From a young king holdin' something he couldn't handle
Pops never took the time to teach him
Like son make sure you have a firm grip on anything you squeezing
You play the streets all four season
You never had a reason to forfeit
The 4-5 will make him cough shit
Piss out blood, rearange your mug
Now that's what you get when you fuck with a thug

[Verse 6:]
You can tell the judge
I'm fighting till the case gone
In a place where the weak starve
And the strong get sprayed on
Days long, nights longer with drama
Unfolds, guns unload
Nobody knows that's the street code

I was born & raised in the ghetto [x4]

[Verse 7:]
So the ghetto to me and ghetto to you
So save all them thoughts that you think that the ghetto can be
Snotty nose kids runnin' round oh so clean
This park is full of dirty cream with nothin' but big dreams

[Verse 8:]
Of one day making that big cream
It would seem so hard to shake it
And it's hard to face, so many broken hearted faces
Doing whatever it takes, whatever the stakes to make it

[Verse 9:]
Regent Park masses, the that's cool rock classics
Sunday in the park rollin' up caspers
Fast cash, with the flip bills, shit's to real
To handle on the beach so we keep it in the streets

[Verse 10:]
And you ask me why I act this way
I'm from a park where we don't play
That's why I rap this way
For all my people who don't have nothin'
Tryna have somethin'
Everybody keepin' it true, this ones for you

I was born & raised in the ghetto [x8]

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