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Point Of Grace

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Point Of Grace - God Forbid

The more I know Your power, Lord
The more I'm mindful
How casually we speak and sing Your name
How often we have come to You
With no fear or wonder
And called upon You only for what we stand to gain

God forbid, that I find You so familiar
That I think of You as less than who You are
God forbid, that I should speak of You at all
Without a humble reverance in my heart
God forbid

Lord, I often talk about Your love and mercy
How it seems to me Your goodness has no end
It frightens me to think that I could take You for granted
Though You're closer than a brother
You are more than just my friend

You are Father, God Almighty
Lord of Lords, You're King of Kings
Beyond my understanding
No less than everything

God forbid
God forbid

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