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Point Of Grace

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Point Of Grace - Jesus Doesn't Care

You tell me no one would love you
If they could see deep inside
You say your friends might desert you
If they knew the truth you hide

Well, there's One who knows you better than you know yourself
And He still loves you more than anybody else

Jesus doesn't care what you've done before
How you've rebelled or slammed the door
No matter how far you've run or how long you've been untrue
Jesus doesn't care
He still offers forgiveness to you

For so long you've run from the Father
Into a life of sin
And each time He lovingly called you
You turned your back on Him

No matter if your failures are great or small
There's no way to hide them
He already knows them all


How many tears will you cry
Till you cry out to the Father
An honest plea for mercy He will not deny
Trust Him and you're gonna find


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