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Potluck - Funny Shit

"Stank ass rappers make me sick"

Yo it's underated with the potluck klick
When I'm on the mic, you better check your bitch
Every single time my rhyme is a hit
Don't even try to lie cause your boy can spit
Try and try but you can't catch me
We keep it underground, no MTV
When I get the flow I get it like a Uzi
And all the girls saying damn who's he? !
If you can't see me on the M.I.C.
I Can beat fast when I bob to the beat
Rap so fast I can rhyme in my sleep
Everybody wanna go buy the cd
Go to the store and stand in line
Look at that girl, oh damn she's fine!
I wanna get her number and she wants to get mine
Cause every other girl loves hip hop rhymes
Already know that I do it all day
And it ain't no problem that I'm rockin the stage
Reppin Humboldt county all the way to the bay
Smoking my weed till my hair turn grey
Never gonna stop, never gonna quit
Mothafuckas know this is potluck bitch
If you wanna talk shit, go grab a mic
Yeah damn right, I'm here for life
Suck my dick, make me cum
Bitch, do you know where the fuck I'm from?
West coast, where the dope is flow
Too short
Vicious flow and it can't be stopped
Stack the dough and fuck the cops
My klick is sicker than chicken pox
And if you don't like it then bitch kick rocks

"Everybody say you shouldn't say this you shouldn't say that. see... fun is fun, this is just expression, talk your language, talk this everyday, nothing to be ashamed of"

[One Ton:]
Here goes one ton for the potluck klick
When I get drunk and talk that shit
When I kick it around better watch your chick
Cause I think your miss wanna kiss this dick
Blow so cold so cold me bro
And it ain't fair that I can't smoke my dro
I do what I do so I hope you know
No other fat nigga do a whole lotta blow
I'm doin my own thing
Blow out my nose ring
Gimme my coat, where my hoes be?
When I count money everybody knows me
All about the cheese Still got no bling, no fling, no ring
Nobody gonna be so light so tight eyesight
It's Every time I touch the mic
Now I gotta get it height
Never get it right
They call me the man like I'm ballin again
All in the stands and party with the fans
All to the good and talkin to the chance
We poppin the shan, We part of the fam
Listen to me grow, this is how I go
Quit it and diss it and we hit with the show
Flip a lil dough, hit up a couple of hoes
Quick as I get it when?

"Understand niggas is gonna hate you regardless, get that out of your head, that fantasy world where niggas ain't hatin on you, you need haters, if there's any haters here right now that don't have anybody to hate on feel free to hate on me"

[UnDeRaTeD and One ton:]
The sign is to rappin, you're tryin to hard
We make it happen by raising the bar
Lyrically packin and jackin your car
Leadin your girl at the back of the bar
With a crew that you wanna be like
Smoke all night and make the flow tight
Ready to reb the rhyme so nice
Puff puff pass as I'm passing the mic
Pass me the mic bro, pass it to me
Crack another brew and smashing it to be
Pass sideways as I'm sagging my jeans
Potluck's here, do you know what that means?
It means were about to take over the show
Toke another bowl, takin over the flow
I like my girls fast and my bong hits slow
Were in the studio till we all get dough

"Don't ya just love that shit? that's a catchy ass song, you just wanna jump up shit and climb off! I'm feeling that shit! I'm going nowhere, that's gonna be there a long time! "

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