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Potluck - Hot Box Anthem

feat. Absolute On End and Mr. Garth-Culti-Vader

Potluck! Roll up the window
Dank alumni, back up in this bitch
Roll up the window

It's fucked up, I'm too high, and I still want more
And it's fucked up that we have too much good weed to ignore
So we closing all doors and closing all the windows too
Hope you ain't smoking, watch what secondhand will do
It's the hotbox anthem, it's not a joke, put your hands up
The room is filled with smoke, so many blunts you can't stand up
Humboldt bud shows in high times magazine
And where I'm from, were fillin bags of weed for Halloween
Get in the truck, hit the blunt, get the visine
Roll the windows up, were puff n tuff till our eyes bleed
Five jays a day the only way to get by
This ain't fake like the movies half baked and how high
Walked into a party ain't got no ice on
But I got the best weed you seen in your life dog
Hit it you might fall, I'm right in my life ya'll
And critics talkin shit like this is a gimmick, fuck all ya'll!

[Chorus: One Ton]
This ain't a club song shakin and dancing
This ain't a love song singing and romancing
This ain't a pop song about your favorite fashion
Were here to smoke a blunt, this is the hotbox anthem

[Garth Vader:]
Hop into my hotbox AKA my office, I got it
It's Mr. Garth-culti-vader growing these pounds of purple chronic
When I get up on it most people call me the reefer doctor
Living in the tent with my twelve gauge watching for helicopters
I broke you off something kind of proper when I go get?
I'm watching out for crooked coppers in my golden state
I can't stop it Mary Jane is out on another day
I'll just wait till my harvest? With some grapes
Not the ones from Napa but believe people be coming after this rapper
Because they know I'm a fuckin disaster
When I bring the master kush straight from the plant stalks
Id like to welcome everybody to this hot box

[One Ton:]
Roll up the window smoking on a blunt, roll up the window turn the music up to bump

You ready to burn? Yep. Ok cool.
Let's blaze up every molecule
Well I got a few well make gravity is on top of you
Fuck yeah! I got it, I'll hit it up in my spare time, I'll get ya high
I'll get that lighter, I got some fire, do it quick before expire
Showin em I was born to roll like I was master ace
So whatcha talkin about suburban for dubs
I'm talkin ace straight to the face
It's dank alumni, we smoking brass and weed
This smells like ass to me when you have to breathe
Cause every time I go to inhale, it's like?
Pack that bowl, hit it homie, you passed out
I'm doin dope fo sho, smokin trees, getting slow
Everything turns to I don't know
I don't wanna quit so I still roll
Man I still blowin my dough
Let's go get high like was sup?
Only time I shut the fuck up
Is every time the windows go up
So if you hotbox, hit it hard till it hurts
So I can get to the other side like? Trying to convert

[Chorus: One Ton]

This is dank alumni, we make fascia aroma therapy
Smokin cultural taking out a teepee like a Cherokee
A belished desire to smoke
Clouds developing start taking shapes lookin like the holy ghost
Don't you break the tag cough a drop ash in the interior, the hot box
I swear you'll be short in breath that'll make you inferior, that's top notch
Marijuana songs that beats the bounce of girls of hop scotch
Rollin blunts the size of redwood trees, joints the size of sasquatch
Inhale steam to let's your eyes sink
Whirling spells casted to reveal reflect the thoughts that I think
Positive progress towards liberation
No org local laws dedication the process
Blaze your favorite band without the guilty conscious

[One Ton:]
I roll ounces of bang
More changes stay the same
I gotta hustle this game
You can catch me in my Chevy with my windows rollin up
Cause only you got perfect time to finish rollin a blunt
Still bumping gangsta rap
Still screaming fuckin cop like my car is on fire
When I'm cruising down the block
It's Smokey in the inside like the hot box anthem
My weed gets your brain like your smoking Charles Manson
The east they're smoking Phillies, the west we Rollin switches
Some people packing bong hits, some people joint twists'
But me smokes it all got a PHD, that's a pothead degree, wrap pot, best believe
I'll smoke a couple of P's just modest of me
When it comes to havin fire, I'm as hottest can be
I'm smoking like a chief, notice me, I'm holding cheese
Cause up in Humboldt county all are money growing trees

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