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Potluck - I Say Yes To Drugs

feat. DJ Chill

[DJ Chill:]
I say yes to drugs, express the love
Next to thugs, choking on the best of buds
Check the duds, head to toe, I'm so shitty
Silly of billy singing I'm so pretty
Ah! What a bad bitch whip me
Put it on her plate and watch her sniff it up like whitney
Kinda like her friend always finding vicodin
With a nerve tryin not to swerve sippin up Heineken
Ah! Hey yo this vicodin ain't workin
Excuse me my brotha, please pass me that perficet
That's a [? ] watchin intervention
I'm bored with all these other drugs like they need a new invention
I tried to quit only ended up smoking more
I don't get high on my own supply so that means I'm smoking yours
Flippin around with potluck only means I'm choking more
Watch the smoke roll out, only time we open more

[Chorus: One Ton and DJ chill]
Get drunk, get high, get stupid, go dumb
Let me hit the joint, puff puff puff, I'm rollin
A hit from a blunt and a pill on the tongue
Puffin on a bowl, I'm I'm I'm rollin

I'm faded, shes sedated, it's her goal to get me naked
Underated on her mind, I'm greatest of all time
I'm a fiene, sip on Heine, so many bitches on my team
Rollin smoke, we hit the green
Let's snorts some ye like Charlie sheen
Basically, I'm the opposite of AC. Green
But only mess with mottos of girls, you should be the prom queen
The x is so fresh, the weed is so fruity
Always puts me in a good mood like J.Lo's booty
The drugs is talkin so I'm barely walkin
Fuck haters, cock blockin, they need to stop talkin
We leave your block rockin, my crew, we shock shockin
We soon to be knockin, the groupies be jockin
"hes so conceited" yeah that's what she said
But then she popped a pill and started givin me some head
The drugs are bad, they told us all
Were rollin like a bowlin ball
But it don't matter, fuck em all
Let's get fucked up til we fall

[Chorus x2: One Ton and DJ chill]

[One Ton:]
I'm high up in the club, I'm down to do some drugs
We laugh and spread love, we keep crown in the cups
I'm rock star mackin, too fat to go out dancing
The only game I got is get fucked up for romancing
Two bitches takin ecstasy rubbin on my belly
Your chick sittin next to me she waitin for the telly
She likes the way we party said my music make her naughty
Twenty dollar bills all up on their naked bodies
I stick to smoking blunts, underated he be fizzin
I think that is the reason that he got so many women
Everyday I smoke a bowl, every night's another show
Every city that we go got a couple of groupie hoes
You know I live reverses or you're just a service
She wanna lick my lollipop and ride me like a circus
An animal in bed, a fish behind a bar
Potluck we straight official cause people say we are

[Chorus x2: One Ton and DJ chill]

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