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Potluck - Smoke The Pain Away

feat. Twiztid

[One Ton:]
Pain, can't live with all this pain
Pain, time to smoke some Mary Jane

It's raining, it's foggy, it's so so cold
I'm running so low on dough, I'm so so broke
I'm lonely, my girlfriend won't hold me
What have I become, I'm a loser, I'm a phony
I'm losing all my homies, lately, I don't even know me
No one to console me, no one can control me
Maybe I'm addicted cause when I get lifted
My spirits shifted and then I think I'm gifted
I'm so crazy, back and forth schizophrenic maybe, I don't know
All I know is when I blow the dro, I'm good to go
It heels my soul, now I can face the world, embrace the world
And remember, never ever chase a girl
Learn to make a change and try to maintain
No woodgrain or candy pain, but I got Mrs. Mary Jane
She takes away the pain so I can not complain
Just put the pot up in the bowl everyday to stop the rain

[Chorus: One Ton and Jamie Madrox]
Labeled a loser so I gotta smoke this pain away (I gotta smoke this pain away)
Same shit, different day, I smoke this pain away (I smoke this pain away)
Feels like there's hell to pay cause nothing ever goes my way Fuck what them haters say get high smoke this pain away

[Jamie Madrox:]
We the fountain of imperfection, my connection to affection is a cold embrace
Attached to a sour face, no more love for me, I'm ugly, I'm a smoke the pain away
No cuts for me, I'm bloody and these scars are here to stay
Carry them like weight through the world I'm on a mission with my fate being the outcome
Of all my decisions and my wishes are just that, they mixed up all my dreams
A chance to turn a chaotic life and make it serene
I'm a dreamer in my own right without a question imaginated assassination just like I'm john lennon
I'm a be at peace at some point even at death picturin' people desecratin my grave with no respect
Smoke one for me, shit, smoke three I'm stressed
So much smoke in my lungs that I feel I'm loosing my breath
And I fear there's nothing left for me cause life is so strange
If It wasn't for the pain then I wouldn't have a thang

[One Ton:]
Pain, can't live with all this pain
Pain, time to smoke some mary jane

[One Ton:]
Low on my cash and goin nowhere fast
I got just enough to function cause I'm smoking on grass
Catch me up in the pad missin the chances I had
Reminiscin on the bad hopin I could buy a bag
I'm smoking on a blunt, got a problem, rolled it up
Mama tell me that I'm special but I keep on fucking up
My lady say she love me but I see she's had enough
I keep my feelings bottled up and hope she never brings it up
The pain of thinking different would be way too much to handle
Some people live in Disney world smile in Orlando
My life is filled with misery, I'm singin a soprano
The hurt I feel is real so I rap over pianos
Pass another joint so I can puff away the pain
It's way too late to change the thoughts it's runnin through my brain
It's solvin my problems only argue it through
So I smoke a blunt of chronics instead of swallowin bullets

[Chorus: One Ton and Twiztid]

I sit in cemeteries holding it down
Watchin the rain drops of my reflection hittin the ground
I see an angel pointing at my direction wearin a frown
I feel the pain but there ain't a thang I can do for it now
I feel strange so now I'm letting the smoke build
I got enough pressure to deal with that's on the real pimpin
I can admit it, I'm a addicted and all that
The weed keeps me from killin people who wanna laugh at
Instead I give you the atched tracks when I'm waxed
Magic is black like I'm blown, I'll split your back pack
Might even kidnap your little rat
So thank to god for the weed cause it's helping me get passed that
I'm on a fast track to hell is what they're telling me
But I'll just tell em all to fuck off ain't no helping me
That's why I seldom see the friends and family
My kids don't even like me, fuck it, homie, roll the weed

[One Ton:]
Pain, can't live with all this pain
Pain, time to smoke some Mary Jane

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