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Powerule - Smooth

[Prince Power]
Yo Ax, what's up man, that beat sounds kinda fly

[DJ Ax]
Yeah word Prince, this beat is not too fast
Not too wild, you know? Just right, strictly smooth

"Smooth" "Cause I don't get upset" [x4]

[Prince Power]
I get a grip on myself and I don't break a sweat
Dreams come to life and some that I stand by
Looking at myself and I'm asking "Who am I?"
Face in the crowd like any other
I dig and I scratch and I fight like many brothers
To reach the top and do what has to be done
So I can be number 1
But then I'm stuck and stopped, eventually dropped
Like a kid on the block selling rock, I get popped
Looking forward, see some reach the plateau
Pump the junk, packing a wacks show
I flip, lose my head, wanna bust an ill move
I'd better chill man, and better play it smooth

"Smooth" "Cause I don't get upset" [x4]

[Prince Power]
Drug seller, fly fella
When he speaks he's heard, it sounds accapella
Wheels and deals and does what he feels
Drives around with girls with skirts and high heels
Clocking cash, a knot to flash
He throws a party, an all out bash
Cars and jewelery, a lust for passion
Wants to be seen in a styling fashion
He sits back, gets paid off of crime
While I rack my brain and G off of rhyme
Now must I sell to do well? (No)
Must I deal to appeal? (No)
Do I have to live life in danger, strap on a side arm
Walk down the block like I was a time bomb
First blast, cause I'm in an ill mood
(Yo Prince man, just keep it smooth)

"Smooth" "Cause I don't get upset" [x4]

Keep it smooth, yo Ax, keep it smooth
Yo E. Vill, keep it smooth

[Prince Power]
(Yo you sound kinda angry) I am my man
I see society snatch all good things from my hand
Take what I make and burn what I earn
Wait til the day when I get my turn
And stand on stage, and hear the crowd roar
(Prince Powerule, give him an encore)
Solve enough cause I love to perform
Take the mic from the stand to my hands switch it on
Rip a rhyme rough enough for the people
Talent is shown and you know it's not equal
Ax backs me up with cuts and scratching
E. Vill's producing a sound worth matching
Fans are frozen, fixed on the stage
Absorbing a sound that's coming of age
Powerule, the group of the future
Giving they heart and soul like they used to
Taking a stand, making a move
Keeping it rough but playing it smooth

"Smooth" "Cause I don't get upset" [x4]

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