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Pras Michel

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Pras Michel - Win, Lose Or Draw

Hey, hey [x2]

[Intro x2: Pras Michel]
Cause my style, as old as the reptile
As slick as a Nu Nile, as new as the new child
Hey, hey [x2]

[Pras Michel]
Now there's a million motherfuckers wanna see me die
I got a million motherfuckers that'll see you try
And you never seen a man die 'til you see a man cry
You can run but can't hide, step aside you must be blind
If you don't see this year is solely mine
There's no rumors, you heard it through the grapevine
I'm that cat with 9 lives, done had 9 wives
'Member ReFugees started in the nine-five
Had my ups and downs, yeah my highs and lows
Niggaz tried to say I didn't fit the status quo
Rapper's dough come and go like the wind blow
But I'm here from the walls to the window
Failure's not an option, my gun's in motion
Broke the silence, a word's been spoken
I ain't scared homey, I'ma right my left
Cause when you conquer your fear, you conquer death; aiyyo

[Chorus x2: Pras Michel]
Dance if you want to, and if you want
Bust bust if you want, talk tough what'chu wan' do
Aiyyo I been through it all, winter spring summer fall
I'm still standin tall, win lose or draw

[Pras Michel]
Temper, my dear, it's a dance for a temper, alright now
Fever, my God, it's a dance pon' de fever, c'mon now
You see a little of this, a little of that
Listen to my voice through the spearbox she says
(A little of this, a little of that)
(I don't wanna I don't wanna ever stop)
You went from bein a friend to foe, a friend to threat
I'm big green on you like that dude from Shrek
Cause one for my niggaz, now dos for doze
Check your friends by your side even close you're foes
Now check; this world of mine I'm a blind man doin time
Look to my future cause my past is all behind
I got lots to gain to rhyme about
Anyone in the game keep my name up out'cha mouth
You little monkeys be gettin robbed
I see you when you over there talkin tough wit'cha bus card
I'm gettin money, I'm with the stars
I keep a loose deuce-deuce just to even the odds, ya heard?
For my niggaz I'm grateful, and somehow
We gonna make it together it's my time now
Sir Pras, I stay distinguished
A loose slang mixed with a little Olde English; aiyyo


[Pras] Aiyyo


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