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Pras - What 'cha wanna do

feat. Free, The Product

[{ } = Pras
( ) = Girl
= Both of them together
< > = Product or Product member>]

{When the time is right in the heat of the night, right? Right?}

(When you got the buzz and you feelin' the high, right? Uhh.)

{When you standin' in line and your credit decline, yeah ... uhh}

(When you didn't do the crime but you're doin' the time, uhh.)

{Yeah. Yeah, yeah.}

[Verse 1: Pras]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, once again she's back again
Wonderin' when she gonna find life again
Makin' runs, stackin' ones, workin'-class citizen,
Chosen one of Babylon
Touched for the first time like a virgin {Uh huh}
Rap's origin, blast outta Eden {Yeah}
Love the way the snake skin wrap around her bared skin
Sex on the beach, sippin' on juice and gin
Repent just to sin again, it's that yin-yang news bulletin
Stuck with being fool ???
Like I imagine I'ma sound like a Gatlin
Gettin' rowdy with my crew down in Brooklyn
Drinkin' Ginseng, not to mention, where's my hooligan
Who find them cats like Benjamin Franklin
Shorty perfect 12 on a scale 1 to 10
Whatever, whenever, you can see me like when, yeah, yeah, yeah, uhh...

(When you're dead broke, and you can't pay the bills,
uhh, yeah, so what you wanna do? Uhh, yeah)

{When you feelin' horny and you need a cheap thrill. Yeah.}

{Yeah. Uhh. Right? C'mon. Feel it.}

[Verse 2: Free]
What you gon' do? Uhh, yeah, yeah ...
See, all I wanna do is make love on the beach
And grab all the things that seem out of my reach {M-hmm}
I never had nothin' so there ain't shhh to lose {Uhhh}
I refuse to snooze in these Hill Street Blues {Word}
It's a full time thing, just tryin' to maintain
Even little city girls go insane {Stop it.}
Sometimes I wish I could press rewind
When the life I live don't seem to be mine
If I could fly away, Free be long gone
You couldn't pin me down with your zoom lens on
I stay macked out, blacked out, stacked out
Cats outta order, y'all get smacked out
Uhh, nobody moves and nobody gets hurt
Nobody interferes when I'm doin' my work
Pullin' my skirt, that's a full court violation
Y'all better get ready for the full annihilation

{When you think you got a shorty but she's sleepin' with your best friend,
yeah, yeah, yeah}

(When your man is doin' well, but he lackin' dividends, yeah, uhh, mmm)

(What you wanna do? What you wanna do? What you wanna do?)

(Right. Right. Uhh, uhh, right)
So, this shout out goes to all of the people bein' in every day, day,
{Yeah, yo, yeah, yo ...}

[Verse 3: Pras]
Hey yo, I wanna be in the back of the club, just rub-a-dubblin'
While these fake cats be champagne bubblin'
Who you lovin', who you huggin' in your time of strugglin'?
Two to three job is hard to keep jugglin'
Monopoly of hard times, all I got is hard rhymes
When I make it out, baby, I'ma keep you in mind
Can't stop the shine, can't claim what's mine
Comin' up, yeah, I'm in my prime
Ready to get this party started
Cut this track with diamonds, yeah I'm cold hearted
A bloodhound, leavin' you punks dumbfounded, what now?
You done F'd up now, wha' what? Look around
If anyone asks, I say it's crime related
Them cats forgot to learn the Ten Crack Commandments
Passin' judgement when you came from the basement
So if you say we hot, it's just an understatement

(When you in love with yo' man but y'all can't get along, uhh, yeah, yeah)

{You already bought the ring, but the thrill is gone, yeah. Uhh}

{Yeah, yeah.}
(When your baby's daddy ain't payin' child support,
uhh, yeah, a-what you gonna do? Uhh, yeah.)

{When you think you gettin' off but the jury's been bought, yeah, yeah}

{Uh, uh. Uh, uh. Uh, uh. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah.}

{Hmm. Yeah. Aaight, that's it.}

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