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Praverb The Wyse

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Praverb The Wyse - Freedom To Prevail

Life be the topic if I live it then I jot it
Baptized in aquatics like the loch ness
Neck stretched like an ostrich, viewing the land
Pursuing his will, influencing fans, remaining conscious
When I drop it, it's dopeness
Syringe filled with hope kid
My words be the medicine provide a proper dosage
Spirit a little broken God has the potion
Please take me away, become one with the ocean
The sun be rising, shadows be joking
A back stabbers wrath, I laugh at you Romans
I'm still reading Romans, the pens worth owning
I'm unique, so please don't talk about cloning
I meditate, with a candlestick, zoning out
To a place that most people only dream about
I enjoy my solitude, being alone, working on the flow
Giving myself time to grow

[Chorus: x2]
Life, liberty, the freedom to prevail
Who cares if P spits to himself
Riding the rhythm, these beats I impale
I'm placed on earth, but I'm living in hell

I'm back with heat, ready to assist
Like a Steve Nash pass you see
I'm an athlete, on this mic, I do tracks for free
Calm approach speak casually
Yes you know the name, P V I Z
I'm trying to reach the big leagues like Mr. Isley
P speaks wisely
You dudes that be boasting/ be like roaches
Quick to go into hiding
I give my all, you give ten like it's tithing
Bribing cats with cash, claiming that you ball
You a fraud, so stop lying
Head back to the drawing board
Work on simplifying
I cam into this game with personality
You came into this game trying to battle me
P got them battle raps, the flow is vicious
The beats bang, he hooked up with Cold Legistics

[Chorus x4]

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