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Praverb The Wyse

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Praverb The Wyse - Rain

I've seen gloomy days; all I see is black clouds
Rhyming in my house, never seen a packed crowd
I was a foster kid, grew up a black child
A young Nat Cole, listening to black soul
I felt froggy, from the start, like a tad pole
With no direction, mastering my rap flows
Started as a hobby, not concerning with cash flow
I felt free like a Cuban fleeing Castro
I found comfort in these lines and beats
I wanna be mentioned with the rhyming elite
To reach that spot, I have to grind for weeks
Days, months, years and find time to sleep
My mind is weak, polluted by the tunes I hear
I won't complain, I'm in a foul mood this year
I feel like I'm losing ground
I'm a veteran dog, y'all need to stop abusing sound

[Chorus: x2]
I've seen black clouds, rain will fall
I shout out to God, I await his call
No answer, I'm fed up with hip-hop
But I got a smile on my face, cause the game revolves

You probably know me as the rapping priest
Want me to get involved with this rapping beef
But not I, I gravitate towards the light
You know what I'm saying, got my eyes focused on Christ
I'm not saying that I'm perfect fam
But I do follow the perfect plan, so listen up
From birth to man, I searched the land
On a quest for knowledge, I unearth the sand
They say when it rains, it pours
When my mom died, I had pain in store
I dropped out of college like K. West did
I was an honor roll student, dreaming big
Notoriously known for my naive nature
Native American tossing my life on paper
I had to start from scratch, to be in the mix
I'm back in school now, chasing the pack

[Chorus x2]

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