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Preachas In Tha Hood

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Preachas In Tha Hood - Smile Now, Cry Later

I'm just a young vato growin up in the hood
Followin my older brothers footsteps and it's all good
Everything is fine and I wanna be like to throw down all the time
Gotta be a baller to survive
Never knew what it's was like to have a new bike at 8 years
Wit my friends around my mom would shed some many tears
She wanted me to have everything in life
So at the age of 13 I started sellin dope under the street lights
Oh what a life most people don't even know
What me and my whole family went through really though
The world makes every thing looks so fun
Got kids packin guns and puttin people on the run
I'll drink a few beers and get drunk while I smoke skunk
Pop in that cd, I got bumps in my trunk
I'm rollin down the street and every thing is lookin so sweet
Not knowin where I'm gonna spend eternity
The Pastor told me, I better give my life right over to savior
So I don't have to spend eternity in hell and cry later
It could of been me as the shots rang in my neighborhood
Another victim understood

Smile now, cry later
You better give your life over to the savoir
Hear me now
If you don't give it over to the savoir
Then you can smile now, cry later

Me and Age, just kickin back reminisin about the days
Up in the past, when we used to bang
We'd roll through the hood, go to S M L K
Y go to get a tatto of my older brother A G E
The next thing you know we're rollin down the boulavard
Pulled up to the light bumpin music in our cars
There's a narc, the hudas and they heard us roar
So they got behind us and hit us wit the lights so
The next thing you know were face down on the floor
Wit a ton of po-pos round the 64
Searchin for rocks and glocks cause they said they heard shots
Around the blocks, those crazy cops
Then they picked us up and threw us in the car
Took us to the city jail, now we're behind bars
Then I heard a deep voice say

Come this way, for today is the day


Im wakin up and its a good Friday afternoon
Goin to get the ballers to go roll the boulavard
And sweat some fools, yeah me and the crew
To go buy some brew, and ask every baller to come too
Yeah, we stayin out late and partyin all night
Throwin up gang signs and gettin in gang fights, that right
Im packin my cuete and packin up David
Cause some fools rolled up actin real crazy
Blastin at me in my red SR GT
They followed me and try to leave me in pool of b l double o d
I didn't have the Lord in my life see
What thugs prayin for me to be set free
My grandma really cared for me, she really cared for me
She didn't wanna see me dead and six feet deep
Especially when I rolled that truck goin down the high way
Rolled it three time, flew out the window landin sideways
God really wanted me to wake up
To stop sellin guns and kill my flesh for His Son
It really took alot for me to see that is all bout the G O D
And to walk in the Spirit wit that homie

Just think I was thirteen when I started this rap thing
Thats also known as minisrty
But at the age of eleven though I had the same problems
Bangin wit the vato locos in Dever Colorado
Wit so much pain in my corazon
Cause an O.G. vato pulled the trigger on his chrome
He put a few caps in my homeboy's dome
And now he's dead, and now he's goin home
6 feet deep, under ground
Thats what bangin is all about
Cause we'll never quit out click we'll die for it
Get him back, and put a slug in their click
Round and round we go
Bustin caps, upside each others domes
It goes back and forth
I don't know what to do anymore
My older brother Age is locked up facin forty years
In the penetentray, dear God help me
Search for a way so I can get my life straight
I want to bang for the Lord, thats the right way
But any way, today is the best day (Why bro)

Cause today I got saved
And my future holds alot for me
In the rap ministry
Even though people come against me


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