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Pressha - Selwyn

Hey girl, come on here,
I got something i wanna tell you, listen,
Damn, I just don't know,
You do this thing to me, you know,
I'm really feeling you, damn baby,
I need to tell you how I feel
Straight from my heart.

Never imagine something just happened,
The first time that I saw you,
I feel indescribable,
Your so desirable
and I ain't gonna lie to you,
I've been trying to show you,
I don't know how to tell you,
But, baby, it's from my heart,
Something that's been there right from the start

It's the way you make me feel,
I feel like flying,
It's the way you make me feel,
Something comes over me,
It's the way you make me feel,
I feel this burning all so real,
Baby, it's the way you make me feel,

I got myself thinking,
'Bout my decisions
Whether to let you know,
I'm feelin our connection (yeh)
The same infatuation,
I just gotta let you know,
I get weak in the knees
That I can't hardly speak
And I don't wanna fall apart,
Is it something that was there from the start?


I'll never do you wrong, (do you wrong baby)
That's why I sing my song,
To let you know that I'll be there 'til the end,
'til the end

[Chorus x2]

I'm jus feelin it, baby
It's the way, say it, and its the way, my lady, (yeh)
A feelin for you and I, baby,
'Cos it's the way you make me feel,
Yes, it's the way that your making me feel

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