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Pretty Ricky

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Pretty Ricky - Go Getta

feat. Meat and Bones

She Got The Tight Rings She Got The Cornrolls She The Tattos And Medicure Toes Got Her On Money Ridin'on Crons Playas Get To Holla She Say She On The Phone That's Why I-I I'm a Go Getta Man I-I I'm a Go Getta Man I-I I'm a Go Getta Man I-I I'm a Go Getta Man

[Slick Em:]
I Pulled Up So Fresh 4 Do Caldii I'm Cheack G's I'm Focus Countin Tokens Like Step Daddy Bottom Grown Ice Wrist On The Same Thang Yeah I'm Twice As Nice And She Lookin Right I'm a Go Getta We Going Home Tonight Her Friends Can Come With Her And Get This Long Pipe Cus Once Yo Boy Slick Em Slide Ain't No Stopping Call Me Flinstones U Know I Keep The Bed Rockin So Bad She Got All The Boys Scared To Holla Got Cash So Bread Ain't Neva A Problem I'm a Run Up On Her Whip Out This Game Get Her Phone Numba Befo I Get The Name I'm a Go Getta Man


She I'm Pomp Naw And Her So She Stay With Cheese Got Her - On With Her Creased Jeans With - Shrit When She Ballin Naw The Lil Stackes Of Paper Yea They Taller Naw Got The Heads Turnin Left Cause The Chevy Lookin Right Got The Paint Switchin Colors Call It The Traffic Light In The - That's What I Like Got Them Breakin They Necks Like A Motor Car Bout To Fight


[Meat And Bones:]
You Gotta See Her The Lil Chick Bangin Red Bone

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