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Pretty Ricky

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Pretty Ricky - On The Hotline (Remix)

feat. DJ Khaled, Missy Elliott, Butta Creamé & Jim Jones

[DJ Kahled:]
Remix, Remix, Remix
Pretty Ricky, Jim Jones, Missy, Meat & Bonez, Butta Creme
Ay Yo Blue U Showed Em Man We Da Best!
This Is The Remix

[Chorus: Pleasure (Butta Creme)]
It's 5 In The Mornin (And I'm Up Talkin Dirty Ta U)
Moan Fa Me Moan Fa Mee
And Now I'm On The Hotline (Ova Here Lustin Fa U, U)
Let's Talk About Sex Baby
Let's Talk About U And Me (Let's Talk About All The Good Things And The Bad Things That Make Me)
Let's Talk About Sex
Let's Talk About Sex (Aww Yeah Aww Yeah)
Let's Talk About Sex
Let's Talk About It (On The Hotline)

Now If I Let Ya Taste The Cherry Pop
I Bet I Have Ya **** Locked
Make Ya Never Wanna Stop
And We Can Cut The Small Talk
Strip Down To The Socks
Put The Boats On The Dock
I'm The Creme Of The Crop
I Taste Like Smothered Pork Chops (Ooh!)
Baby U Can Call Me When U Wanna Freak Freak
Baby I'm a Freak And I Just Love Ta Freaky Deek
Talk Sex On The Bed We Make It (Squeak Squeak)
Give It Ta U U Ain't Gotta Take It (Freak Me)

[Meat & Bonez:]
It's 4:30 Rick Ravish Fantasize
Caught A Bad Chick Lambourghini Ride
Around 5 Babygirl Hit Ma Phone Up
Ey Wat It Is?
Say She Wanna Talk Grown Up
Said Meat & Bonez Did they Thang On tha Go Getta
Well Babygirl Get Dressed
I'm a Go Get Her
And Wat U Gon Do?
End Up On The Phone With Her
All Night Like A Champ Move Slow With Her


[Jim Jones:]
Freee Jones In!
I Remember We Left In The Bentley
Left The Club Stoned
Mad Text Messages On Ma Phone
Chick think She Grown
Talkin Bout Sex 5 In The Morn'
4 Of Perjuettes Lime With Patron
And Thought About Sex Had Ma Eyes On Her Thong
She Tried Ta Call It Quits Nothin Til 5 In The Morn'
Had Shorty In The Whip
We Was Flyin To Her Home
She Said Her Lips Had A Mind Of Her Own
She Almost Lost Me Til' Ma Mind Got Blown
I'm Havin Horror Scenes Hundred Miles On The Road
Had Ta Slow Up On The Whip
Cause I Almost Lost Control

[Slick Em:]
It's 5:30 In The Mornin
I'm Yawnin'
I'm Lonely
Touchin And Rubbin
Call Me, Ya Cummin
Called Ya 7 Times
Babygirl Don't Stall Me
I Wanna Kiss U From Ya Temples To Ya Feet
Ta The Dimples In Ya Cheek
Ya Tattoo Or Ya Belly Ring
Conversation Underneath The Sheets
Ya Kno Me Red Bull Like A Energy
I'm a Freak!


[Background: Until Beat Fades Out]
Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah Woah
Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky
Whoa Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky

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