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Pretty Ricky

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Pretty Ricky - Sticky

[Verse 1: Baby Blue]
Baby Blue, Whoaa
Girl I'm gon lick it
Get it wet before I split it
So stingy with it
I only put a lil bit in it
I break it off proper
Before I get these seeds out
Girl I'm so tore up
Rolled up at your crib
Fully lit it
Then I hit
Girl you know I'm gon to
Lay up in it for a minute
Then hit it one more time
Before I blow this thing up
Girl I'm so tore up

[Chorus: Lingerie]
We goin to tippie toe through the house
Don't make a sound
I'm a go down
So you gon come now
Then we gon roll this blunt
Get some of that sticky
Some of that sticky
Some of that sticky
Some of that sticky
Some of that sticky
We goin to get sticky
You goin to get sticky
You goin to get sticky
We goin sticky

[Verse 2: Slick'em]
Woke up this morning round
8:20 young force singing
Grab my di*k
Baby mama try to bring crystal meth to bed room baby
All you need to do is roll that sh*t
Got a ounce of that cribbae
That sticky
Don't let my girl hit it
Split it
Hit it
Flip it
Lick it
Spark up and hit it
I know you flip it
Ughhhh niggah
Read dat sh*t back
I gotta girl named Janell
That'll bring the dro
Slick still playin from the night before
Lil girl named Kim that'll bring the lit
Between them two the do it all for Slick
Then we pump up pass
Pump up fast
She came first
I came last
Rolled the grass
Eat the pu**y like the munchies
And make you cum fast


[Verse 3: Spectacular]
I knock it out the box
Like the hall of fame
These chicks think I'm prince
I'm on that purple rain
See I be spittin game
Out that purple rain
All types of diffrent colors from my Louie Chain
On that gushy
New Orleans Kush
Number 25
We calling Reggie Bush
Smokin Mary Jane
High as Rick James
I'm a super freak
Tear it out the frame


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