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Psycho Drama

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Psycho Drama - Psycho Drama

[young buk]
p-s-y-c-h-o-d-r-a-m-a (pyscho drama)
It's about a pound of weed floatin up through my blood stream
and i got this soon to be true dream
of hittin your team with a triple beam
and it seems niggas just to soft for my tech roll
when i do my magic make you let go
fuck up your lecture so you niggas better
get yo shit thogether I bet you hoes a sweat
hoes forget that a nigga like me just straight up pose a threat
and i close your shit so when this shit get thick
niggaro tell me what you get
sip the gin to see a young nigga feenin and get his shirt wet
ya heard me do you have a problem with your eyes and um
steady gettin suprised by us niggas from the chi and um
it's gettin kind of hectic, dance
your bitch done fainted
and jerry springer ain't from the hood but ya'll let me explain it
can't even see who got the energy to fuck wit me
now you stuck wit me in a bad dream
freddy didn't know bout cuttin the weed
don't push no buttons g
or yo ass is blowed up nigga i done growed up
and you know what you shouldn't have showed up
because it's sewed up

to much for the industry to handle, Pyschodrama [x4]

nigga the most ignorant the most psychodramatic
the most sickest and cock with this
the coldest to niggas an bitches and be
bumpin some of everybody shittist
the most to drop out at willest
for real it's all about the dollar bill at this
given niggas the business it's cruel
to ever invade your premises
p.h.d. like a chemisis gotta wip up a batch of that
ol' fashion get sensaless
number one like the book the genisis
the tightest mob your mob can't get up with this
the trilogy of terrorist raw shit makin specialist
multi-platinum definant get the impression bitch
sellin shit by the thous got niggas havin cows
competion backin out and our parents very proud
suave house wearin all smiles
we adored by all crowds
blacks, whites, mexicans, and puerto ricans,
fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters
and even the teachers and deacons can't help what the peepin
how them cats from pyschodrama we always be on some deep shit
talkin bout you'll buy our shit playa
every hour every day won't take it out
for the first twenty five weeks with it
we'll chill smoke ride and sleep with it
no fast foward button needed
what ever the ward touch goin platinum believe it

[hook: x4]

I'm bangin when I'm walkin I'm depressed
I'm tired raisin hell when I'm stompin
I'm aggresive when it comes to pyschodrama gettin something
I'm crazy deranged when it comes to innocence gettin killed
do what I wanna do shorty mob
don't let them live i pop a hoe stud cause you show blood
you right what the fuck you thinkin nigga
what chi-town muthafuckas is too tight
and still kick ass nigga
it's sharp in my mind and you bitches still gettin stabbed
and got damn it i'm blastin it could get hazardous
how much dirt does it take to get back
four grams outta abdomens
I'm servin the shit out of drugs
you mother fuckers right they sheddin blood
nigga I, I been then done a nigga that that mean
we can do this shit come back wit even more confusion bitch
with even more confusion bitch

[hook: x4]

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