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Raekwon - Staten (We Go Hard)

[Intro: Brevi (Raekwon)]
We go hard (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What's happening man? Can I eat too, man?
We go hard, yeah, yeah, Rapper's Island, Rapper's Island)

[Chorus x4: Brevi]
Staten, we go hard, we go hard
Staten, we go hard, we go hard

Wu put Staten on the map (that's right), this is gat hoodie rap
Fuck around, put a fully in your back
You might make my toolie act (word?)
I only run for the bread, lightning strike, fly one in your hat, black
And if your man test my skill, I promise he will die in the field
My money's long, my homeboy's is real
They broke, but will shoot to kill
Flashing, big uzi's, make movies
Cut niggas faces, pretty boys, groupies
Ride through the city, guns on, kuffies
Living like jail, it's real, ya'll coochies
You know I'm, back at it, and asthmatic
Always mad jiggy, I love fashion
Plus love flashing B9's, 38's huggin' weight
I'm straight, watch the nigga traction

[Chorus x4Hook]

[Hook x2: Raekwon]
S-H-A-O-L, I-N, we, kill again

Wu-Tang, went platinum, Meth platinum
Ghost, Chef, platinum, that's the raw, captain
We war, ya'll acting, sister rapping
Ol' Dirty B-A-S-T, platinum
Seliln' nose candy, blackberry, brandy
Turtle necks, 40 belows, flow dandy
Living in the hell, I Am Legend, 7's
Played out, weapons, courtrooms, blessings
Brooklance, we rip 'em, rip 'em
Tire marks flip 'em, figure eights then strip 'em
Kill 'em, sell 'em, might trade 'em, save 'em
Hit an OG where it keep cool, play 'em
Never mind, we on grinding, my linemen
Puff hardest rhymers, call us on assignments
Bujo's, tigers, lions, up in Brooklyn House
Ask about us, niggas know what time it is

[Chorus x4]

[Hook x2]

Well I'm all grown up, I've learned my ways
Posted on the block every god damn day
Once them cops come driving by
Tuck your shit and get the fuck inside
Post up, I'm a hit you when it's time
When you see the helicopter, be prepared to ride
Get some shots out, we done talking
Staten Island, stand up
I know some mean muthafuckas from the S to the I
R-O-D's, we all ready to die
Park Hill in this bitch, Stapleton
Now Born, stand up, West Brighton
From the heart of the Port Richmond
We go hard, we go hard, we go hard
We go hard, we go hard in this bitch

[Chorus: til fade]

[Outro: Raekwon]
Yeah, all my niggas behind the wall, yeah
That's for you
S-H-A-O-L, I-N, we, kill again
That's real, you know the half, we might take your life

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