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Robert Palmer - Let's Get It On

Marvin Gaye/Ed Townsend)
I've been really tryin' baby
Trying to hold back this feeling for so long
And if you feel like I feel, come on, oh come on

Let's get it on, ahhh baby
Let's get it on, let's love baby
Let's get it on, sugar, let's get it on whooo

There's nothing wrong with me lovin' you
Baby, no no no
And givin' yourself to me, can never be wrong
If the love is true, oh baby

Don't you know how sweet and wonderful life can be
I'm askin you baby, to get it on with me
I ain't gonna worry, I ain't gonna push
Won't push you baby
So come on,come on, come on, come on, come on baby
Stop beatin' round the bush

Hey, let's get it on
Let's get it on
You know what I'm talkin' about
Come on baby, hey, let yout love come out
If you believe in love, let's get it on
whooo, let's get it on baby, this minute, ah yeah
Let's get it on, please
Please get it on
Hah, hey

We're all sensitive people with so much to give
Understand me sugar
Since we got to be here , let's live
I love you

I know you know what I've been dreamin' of
Don't you baby
My whole body wants you
In the name of love
Oh hit me
I ain't gonna worry, no I ain't gonna push
I won't push you baby

Come on,come on, come on, come on, come on darlin'
Stop beatin' round the bush
Oh, gonna get it on right with you baby
I wanna get it on
You don't have to worry
That it's wrong

If the spirit moves you let me groove you, good
Let your love come down, get it on, come on baby
Do you know I mean it, got no strength to fight it
Hey, oh you want to have , some good lovin, oh and pretty good times, oh yeah

Don't just talk about it everybody, start gettin' it on
Oh oh wouldn't you rather make love children
As opposed to war, like you know you should
Don't you love to love somebody
Think about it people
Don't you feel so good

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